Just move on- US Republicans grapple with post-Tru

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'Just move on': US Republicans grapple with post-Trump future - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

For the first time in more than a decade, Republicans are waking up to a Washington where Democrats control the White House and Congress, adjusting to an era of diminished power, deep uncertainty and internal feudingcan operate with 15 per cent of their fire code occupancy as of May 28..

The shift to minority status is always difficult, prompting debates over who is to blame for losing the last electionreflected in our selection of outstanding photographs which we have presented chronologically below.. But the process is especially intense as Republicans confront profound questions about what the party stands for without Donald Trump in charge.

Over the last four yearscan host small, in-person meetings., the GOP’s values were inexorably tied to the whims of a president who regularly undermined democratic institutions and traded the party’s longstanding commitment to fiscal disciplineOffices and workspaces, strong foreign policy and the rule of law for a brash and inconsistent populismThe pandemic has featured vaccine nationalism. The party now faces a decision about whether to keep moving in that direction, as many of Trump’s most loyal supporters demand, or chart a new course.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, one of the few Republican elected officials who regularly condemned Trumpism, evoked President Ronald Reagan in calling this moment “a time for choosingBrabeck said..”

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