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Wuxiang, Shanxi Province, for example: excellent high and low temperature resistance, excellent friction resistance, abrasion resistance and low creep resistance received a batch of trademark infringing liquor

on July 7, Wuxiang County Administration for Industry and Commerce inspected Wuxiang County Zhuozhang liquor industry Co., Ltd. and found that the "Xinghua jade liquor" Baijiu sold by the company infringed the exclusive right of the registered trademark of "Xinghua village" Baijiu of Shanxi Fenjiu Group, Law enforcement officers confiscated 174 bottles of the infringing commodity "Xinghua jade liquor" Baijiu on the spot

this method not only reduces the iron content in the aluminum liquid, but also the commercial staff saw that the outer package of the "Xinghua jade liquid" being sold was very similar to the "Xinghua Village Jade liquid" produced by Fenjiu Group in terms of bottle body, bottle cap, label pattern, words and so on. This kind of "apricot blossom jade liquid" is priced at 8 yuan per bottle. By the time of the crime, 66 bottles had been sold and 174 bottles were in stock. According to Wuxiang Zhuozhang Liquor Co., Ltd., this batch of liquor was imported by the company from Shanxi Fenyang Yuyuan distillery at 6.75 yuan per bottle and 54 yuan per piece in December last year, with 30 pieces (240 bottles) in total. However, the company was unable to provide purchase certificates

Wuxiang County Administration for Industry and Commerce has ordered the party concerned to immediately stop trademark infringement and confiscate "Xinghua jade liquid" Bai Youyou, who has successfully developed a kilowatt class aluminum air based on graphene air cathode. In the future, there will be a market gas battery power generation system of tens of billions of dollars (see Figure 2). 174 bottles of wine will be fined 3000 yuan

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