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Shaoxing County's glass exports rose against the trend under the financial crisis

it was learned from the Shaoxing County State Administration of taxation that under the global financial crisis, the export performance of Shaoxing County's glass industry rose instead of falling in the first April of this year, with an increase of 6.69 million yuan over the same period last year. The relevant person in charge of the Bureau said that on June 1,

after the tax rebate for glass products is increased, Shaoxing County glass enterprises will be able to obtain greater profits

with the approval of the State Council, China will further increase the export tax rebate rate of some commodities from June 1. The adjustment is divided into five grades, involving agricultural deep processing, electromechanical, shoes and hats, glass products, steel products and other different types of processing and manufacturing products. The adjusted export tax rebate rate ranges from 5% to 17%. Among them, the export tax rebate rate of some glass products was raised from 5% to 13%. Today, affected by the financial crisis, raising the tax rebate rate by 8 points undoubtedly brought a "timely rain" to glass enterprises

data show that from January to April this year, the export of glass products in Shaoxing County has reached 1916. 40000 yuan, an increase of 6.69 million yuan over the same period last year, an increase of 53. 68%。 This time, the glass industry in Shaoxing County is expected to enjoy an additional tax rebate of 4.91 million yuan in the second half of the year after the tax rebate of the glass industry increased by 4.5.3 tensile strength by 8 points

it is understood that Shaoxing County has many large glass production enterprises. Zhejiang Glass Co., Ltd. has 10 internationally advanced high-quality float glass production lines, with a daily melting capacity of 5000 tons, which can produce 1. 1 ~ 19mm high-quality float glass of different varieties and specifications, and the quality meets the national GB standard; At the same time, it has 13 deep-processing production lines of world-class hollow, sandwich, silver mirror, tempered glass and a high vacuum magnetron sputtering coating production line with 25 groups of sputtering sources in five AFC rooms. The production scale ranks first in the province and third in the country

"unfortunately, the glass industry in Shaoxing County is developed, but only six enterprises in the county have export performance. Glass enterprises should also look abroad." The relevant person in charge of Shaoxing County State Administration of Taxation pointed out that although the export of glass products in Shaoxing County has not decreased but increased since this year, more enterprises are not very aware of exports, so they cannot enjoy the preferential tax rebate adjustment. In addition, last year, the export volume of these six enterprises was not large, except for "Zhejiang Glass"

however, there are already smart glass enterprises in Shaoxing county that have begun to pay attention to the export market and targeted to open up foreign markets. Shaoxing Liangjie glass products Co., Ltd. is a glass enterprise newly settled in Binhai Industrial Zone this year. At present, the enterprise has achieved an export volume of 2.63 million US dollars, with a tax exemption of 161. 10000 yuan. Mr. Sun, the chairman of the company, told that at present, more than 60% of the company's products are exported overseas, and many foreign merchants have asked for exclusive orders to do the national general distribution of the country seeking a broader cooperation platform

Mr. Sun believes that it is undeniable that there is a certain gap between the production capacity of domestic glass products and foreign countries, especially the production capacity of float glass. However, he believes that compared with 2015, the main pollutants sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and volatile organic compounds are reduced by more than 20%. The international glass market has broad prospects. Shaoxing County enterprises should not only stay in the domestic market, but also go to the overseas market to "explore". However, he also pointed out that the international glass market 2 The competition of Brinell hardness (HB) field is fierce. Shaoxing glass enterprises should first practice their internal skills and improve the added value of products, so as to finally win in the international market competition

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