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Shaoguan establishes a new textile fabric engineering technology research and Development Center recently, relying on the "Shaoguan new textile fabric engineering technology research and development center" established by Shaoguan Shunchang cloth factory Co., Ltd., it passed the expert demonstration meeting organized by Shaoguan science and Technology Bureau, Shaoguan development and Reform Bureau and Shaoguan economic and Information Bureau. It is reported that Shaoguan currently has 45 provincial and municipal engineering technology research and development centers, including 18 provincial engineering technology research centers, covering optical electromechanical integration, new materials, biotechnology, medicine and other industries

it is reported that the textile industry in China is not only a traditional industry in which more than 50% of waste plastics are landfilled, but also a dominant industry. However, with the development of high-tech industry and the adjustment of national economic structure, especially the reform of state-owned enterprises, the problems faced by the textile industry are further highlighted. As a textile enterprise starting from denim, Shunchang textile factory deeply understands the problems faced by the textile industry. The establishment of the research and Development Center for new textile fabric engineering technology is an innovation in the industry and the integration of the difference between Rockwell hardness and Brinell hardness in the textile industry from the aspects of technology, material application, information screening, management, pollution treatment, etc., which will help enterprises accelerate the development, application and promotion of new textile fabrics through the research and development of technologies such as environmental protection and new materials, and form a multi-functional textile fabric production foundation, Let traditional industries glow with new brilliance

the company has doubled its sales and profits every year in the past five years

the relevant person in charge of Shaoguan science and Technology Bureau said that the engineering technology research center is to explore a new way to combine science and technology with economy, which is conducive to accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productivity. At the same time, the engineering center is oriented to the actual needs of large-scale production of enterprises. In view of these two key points, it needs to stop inspection, improve the maturity, compatibility and engineering level of existing scientific and technological achievements, accelerate the production technology transformation of enterprises, and promote the upgrading of products

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