Shanxi will be severely punished for selling coal

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Shanxi: unauthorized sale of coal in the coal ban zone will be heavily fined

learned from the Shanxi Provincial Department of ecological environment on the 7th that in order to further prevent and control air pollution, Shanxi, a coal producing province, will control the current total amount of coal consumption and reduce the proportion of coal in primary energy consumption. Those who sell coal and coal products in the no coal zone will be severely punished

Shanxi Province stipulates that the people's Government of cities divided into districts should delimit the urban built-up areas as no coal zones according to the requirements for the improvement of atmospheric environmental quality, and gradually expand them; The county (city, district) people's Government may delimit the scope of the coal ban zone according to the actual situation, but it shall take into account the living needs of local residents. The storage, sale and burning of coal and its products are prohibited in the no coal zone, except for coal power, central heating and raw material coal enterprises

people's governments at all levels in Shanxi Province will also strengthen the management of civil bulk coal, prohibit the sale and reduce the use of coal. This also determines that the coal with single arm structure does not meet the quality standards of civil bulk coal, and prohibit the use of lignite, medium washing coal, slime and other low-quality coal as civil coal. Shanxi will accelerate the promotion of cogeneration and central heating in coal-fired heating areas. In the areas covered by central heating pipes, it is forbidden to build, rebuild or expand decentralized coal-fired heating boilers; The decentralized coal-fired heating boilers that have been built and used before the central heating pipe is covered and the coal-fired heating boilers that have been built and cannot meet the emission standards will be removed within a time limit

those who violate the regulations, sell coal that does not meet the quality standards of civilian bulk coal, or sell coal and its products in the coal ban area, will be ordered to make corrections by the market supervision and Administration Department of the people's government at or above the county level. 6 The instrument 1 must be well grounded, the raw materials, products and illegal income shall be confiscated, and a fine of more than one time and less than three times the value of the goods shall be imposed

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