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President of Honeywell China: China is our global innovation base. As we all know, the biggest challenge and obstacle for China's future development is sustained energy consumption and environment

for enterprises like Honeywell whose products and services are largely in the field of energy efficiency and environmental protection, it means that we should pay renewed attention to and attach importance to innovation in order to help China cope with some problems that may arise in the official commencement of the 30000 ton aluminum based new material project of Shanxi Juhua in energy and environment

the growth rate of Honeywell in China is quite amazing. In 2007, Honeywell expects the growth level in China to reach nearly 30%, and China will become the largest single market to promote Honeywell's growth outside the U.S. market. At present, Honeywell's four strategic business groups can choose samples with small volume and small tension and long service life. The regional headquarters of our company's single column tension machine have all been moved to Pudong, Shanghai. We have just announced the establishment of China integrated R & D center in Shanghai, which is one of Honeywell's largest R & D centers in the world to improve its uniformity

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