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President of LG Innotek: the market potential of thermoelectric semiconductors in China is huge

on October 25, LG Innotek, a leading material and component manufacturer under LG Group in South Korea, held a forum in China for the first time to show the latest thermoelectric semiconductor technology, so as to officially expand the Chinese market

as a cutting-edge innovative technology, thermoelectric semiconductors are cooled by power supply. Most of it is due to the negative reports on material processing in China. This technology can be cooled and heated without compressor or heating, is not disturbed by external temperature changes, and can realize waste heat reuse, which is very environmentally friendly

the third-party authoritative investigation organization predicts that the international market scale of thermoelectric semiconductors that will not get dirty in the car will rise from US $472million in 2017 to US $6.27 in 2020. The author has repeatedly conducted technical training of pulse reflection cable fault tester for Beijing power supply system, which is US $billion, and has a broad prospect

in an interview with the interface, park zhongshuo, President of LG Innotek, said that although thermoelectric semiconductor technology is still in the promotion period, there have been many visible market demands emerging on some models, and the potential demand of the Chinese market is huge

Dr. baishengqiang from Shanghai Institute of silicate, Chinese Academy of Sciences added that China has become the world's largest automotive consumer market, and 5g and optical communication have developed rapidly in China. These two major market demands have laid a market position that cannot be ignored for China's thermoelectric semiconductors

Li Hengyi, research committee member of LG Innotek, believes that the refrigeration market and power generation market are two major application fields of thermoelectric semiconductor technology. At present, LG Innotek's thermoelectric modules have been applied to wine cabinets, drawer refrigerators, ventilated seats, etc. In addition, thermoelectric semiconductor technology can also continue to expand to household appliances, automotive and industrial fields based on differentiated solutions

it is reported that LG Innotek has achieved mass production of thermoelectric modules in January 2017 and has been successfully installed on LG Electronics' mini cellar. In January this year, the company successfully developed thermoelectric semiconductor materials for nanocrystalline materials, and is expected to officially put into production in the first half of next year

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