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From November 30 to 12, President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone had a relatively wide temperature range, which made Sumitomo electrician unable to stop the continuous development of vanadium batteries, with high impact strength and surface hardness. On November 6, President Ernest Bai Koroma paid a state visit to China. During the talks, the two heads of state unanimously decided to establish a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between China and Serbia

on December 2, Premier Li Keqiang met with Sierra Leone. Because of the particularity of the fixture structure, it is sometimes difficult for us to be sure which kind of fixture is more suitable for president lalione. President Koroma of Sierra Leone said in his opening remarks: "the main purpose of my visit to China this time is to thank the Chinese government and enterprises for their selfless support to Sierra Leone when we encounter the Ebola epidemic." Li Keqiang said that China is willing to work with Serbia to tap the potential of complementary cooperation. He particularly stressed that the two countries should focus on promoting infrastructure construction and production capacity cooperation, and carry out cooperation in mining, agriculture, fisheries and deep processing of products in accordance with the principle of marketization

president Koroma of Sierra Leone received the representative of XCMG group

president Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone cordially received Mr. Liu Jiansen, assistant president of XCMG machinery and general manager of import and Export Corporation, at the diaoyutaistateguesthouse where he stayed on December 2. Mr. Liu Jiansen introduced to President Koroma: "entrusted by Chairman Wang Min, he came to visit his Excellency the president on behalf of XCMG group and wished you success in your state visit to China. As China's largest construction machinery group, XCMG group has been deeply engaged in the Sierra Leone market for more than 10 years..."

before Mr. Liu Jiansen finished introducing XCMG group, President Koroma excitedly interrupted and said: first of all, Say hello to Chairman Wang Min for me. I am very familiar with XCMG. I want to thank XCMG group for its contribution to infrastructure and mine development in Sierra Leone. As far as I know, in the period of the most serious Ebola virus, XCMG was with us. Your equipment not only insisted on working in the mine, but also your service personnel risked their lives to stick to Sierra Leone, which left a deep impression on me! On the eve of my visit to China this time, XCMG complete equipment helped the government to start a road project that has been promised to the people for more than 10 years. I saw the live broadcast and thanked XCMG. I hope XCMG can continue to develop in Sierra Leone and make greater contributions to the construction of Sierra Leone. The government will provide convenience and support for XCMG in Sierra Leone through various channels. "


Mr. Liu Jiansen said: "Thank you very much for your affirmation of XCMG products and XCMG workers. XCMG group will definitely increase its investment in Sierra Leone and build Sierra Leone into a marketing service center in West Africa for the national development of Sierra Leone. Liu Jiansen also introduced in detail the international layout of XCMG group and the equipment solutions for infrastructure construction and mine development to President Koroma, and said that it will provide support for the development of infrastructure and mine development Sierra Leone will make a greater contribution. " On behalf of chairman Wang Min of XCMG group, Liu Jiansen sincerely invited President Koroma to visit XCMG group at his convenience. Mr. President happily accepted the invitation

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XCMG group is the largest construction machinery group in China, with products sold to 176 countries and regions. XCMG has been rooted in West Africa for more than ten years and has been recognized by the local market with high-quality products and services. XCMG's products rank first in Sierra Leone. President Koroma of Sierra Leone spoke highly of XCMG's participation in the road construction event, that is, the 261 kilometer highway project from Kabala to Kono via kurbola. After 10 years of commitment, the government finally held a grand commencement ceremony on November 27, the eve of President Koroma's visit to China, and broadcast it live across the country. President Koroma himself spoke highly of this

the Republic of Sierra Leone is located on the Atlantic coast of West Africa. Sierra Leone is rich in minerals, and its economy mainly depends on mining, especially the drilling industry. One of the most well-known is the blood diamond mined from Sierra Leone. Ernest Bai Koroma, President of Sierra Leone, was born on October 2, 1953. He graduated from the University of Sierra Leone and received a bachelor's degree in history, philosophy and law and a Graduate Diploma in insurance. From 1978 to 2002, he worked in Sierra Leone National Insurance Company and Sierra Leone Insurance Trust Co., Ltd. Elected to Parliament in 1996. In March, 2002, he was elected as the leader of the Congress Party and became the leader of the minority party group of the parliament after the failure of the presidential election that year. He was elected president in September 2007 and was re elected in November 2012. He pursued a friendly policy towards China and said that "China is the true brother of Sierra Leone". (this article is from XCMG)

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