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Presste now do you know how to protect the abnormal displacement of the material tensile testing machine? From the above, we can see that K has launched a short version of small format chemical free thermal CTP system

pressek's Vector tx52 thermal plate making system has been immediately listed all over the world through its a B Dick distribution force

vector tx52 the width of the chemical free CTP system is 52cm

it is said that the thermal plate making system and freedom chemical free plates are aimed at short version small format (less than or equal to 52cm) printing machines, which realize higher production efficiency, cleaner machine operation, lower materials and production costs

pressek will demonstrate vector tx52, as well as other chemical free CTP systems and di printing equipment on print 05

the vector tx52 thermal plate making system using freedom chemical free plates can produce up to 20 max:100mm plates per hour

according to pressek, all measurement and control systems have been made more accurate, and the printing resistance of freedom thermal version has reached 25000

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