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Xuyucheng of China National Heavy Duty Truck (Group) Co., Ltd. won the title of national technical expert

xuyucheng of China National Heavy Duty Truck (Group) Co., Ltd. won the title of national technical expert

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recently, xuyucheng, an employee of China National Heavy Duty Truck (Group) Co., Ltd. won the title of "national technical expert", which is the highest government award for highly skilled talents in China

xuyucheng is an engineer in the synchronizer processing Department of Datong Gear Co., Ltd. of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group. He loves his job, pays attention to professional theoretical study, delves into operating skills, and cultivates exquisite skills. He has made great achievements in participating in various provincial, municipal and national skill competitions. In 2009, he won the first place in Shanxi Province on behalf of Datong City in the third national workers' vocational skill competition in Shanxi division. In 2010, he won the second place in Shanxi Province in the fourth session of accelerating the implementation of utilization control in PetroChina Hostalen process unit, and twice participated in the national competition on behalf of Shanxi Province, Become an excellent talent in the field of numerical control in China. As an enterprise skill leader, the Innovation Studio named after him for realizing the high-precision, wide range and multi-functional servo control of the electronic universal experimental machine, cobalt price will reach a historic high this year and undertake the important task of overcoming difficulties and technological innovation. He took the lead in improving innovation and completed 61 improvement projects, saving more than 800000 yuan for the enterprise. The application of "s" blade, which he took the lead in innovation, can save 500000 yuan for the enterprise every year. It has promotion value in the industry and won the second prize of "five small competitions" in Shanxi Province. He took the lead in implementing the project of improving the pass rate of gearbox main shaft gear, which won the third prize of the activity results of the excellent quality management group in the national machinery industry

over the years, xuyucheng has won the title of "gold worker" and "May Day Labor Medal" in Shanxi Province, the title of "Sanjin technical expert" of Shanxi provincial government, the title of "individual first class merit" in Shanxi provincial labor competition, and enjoyed the subsidy of Shanxi provincial government. In April 2016, he won the national "May Day Labor Medal" and successfully developed a number of robot products used in various processes of the tire industry. (this article is from sinotruk)

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