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[meeting of 100 people of electric vehicles] Yang diange of Tsinghua University: making contributions to China's automobile industry on January, the forum of 100 people of electric vehicles of China (2019) was held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. Yang diange, chairman of the Department of automotive engineering of Tsinghua University, delivered a keynote speech. The content of the speech is as follows:

Yang diange, chairman of the Department of automotive engineering of Tsinghua University

good afternoon, distinguished guests! First of all, on behalf of the Automotive Department of Tsinghua University, I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations on the official establishment of the journal! I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the distinguished guests for their long-term support to the Automotive Department of Tsinghua University

as we all know, as mentioned in the theme of this hundred people's Congress, the "four modernizations" of automobiles, namely, electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing, are bringing about a new revolution in automobile technology. This automotive technology revolution has changed not only the reformed automotive industry, but also the future transportation mode. The establishment of the journal coincides with the time

elsevier is a leading Publishing Group in the world. As we all know, nearly one sixth of the world's academic journals are published through Elsevier. Since 2000, 164 Nobel Prize winners, 163 of whom have published articles in Elsevier

professor ngarao, from the Automotive Department of Tsinghua University, who has made a deep research on experimental machines in new energy, also said: "We are a leading research unit in China in the field of high maintenance cost of old buildings and intelligent vehicles. Professor Ouyang Minggao has been the chief expert of China's new energy vehicles in the past three five-year plans. Professor Ouyang led the discipline team of the Automotive Department of Tsinghua University, which has played an important role in the formulation of China's new energy vehicle industry policy, and has also opened a cooperation with world-class universities and advanced national laboratories A great deal of scientific research cooperation has been carried out. In terms of the safety of power cells and fuel cell vehicles, the Guangwu mountain nuoshui River Bashan SHUSHUI tourist route has been listed as one of the nine high-quality tourist routes to be built in the province, and a series of world advanced scientific research achievements have been made. I think the combination of teacher Ouyang and Elsevier should be a strong combination. I also believe that teacher Ouyang can lead our team to successfully complete the task of the journal

as a member of our automotive department, we will fully support the work of Mr. Ouyang. We also hope that Elsevier and us can become one of the world's first-class international academic journals as soon as possible

finally, there is a sentence that we would like to give to the working team of the journal. This is also a sentence that we gave to the students at the opening ceremony of Freshmen of Tsinghua automobile department in 2018. This sentence is a sentence in the poem "full moon plum" written by Mr. WangGuowei five years before the founding of Tsinghua University in 1906, "a crane crows, solicitude evokes, the earth of Tsinghua." Tsinghua here does not mean Tsinghua University, because it was founded five years ago, but this Tsinghua has something to do with the name of Tsinghua University. It means a crane's cry, which awakens the sleeping earth and gives birth to a world of water, wood and Tsinghua. When I use this sentence to give it to my classmates, I hope that they can look at the world, make themselves better, and contribute to the progress of human knowledge civilization. Here I want to give it to our working team. I hope the team can run this journal well through their own efforts. Through the work of this journal, China's automobile industry can grow from big to strong, and make contributions to the technological progress of China's automobile industry, as well as to the technological progress of the world's automobile industry and the transformation of the world's transportation technology. Thank you

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