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Yanghongqi, chairman of the Construction Machinery Association, talks about policies

introduction: macro policies determine the general trend of industry development, market economy, and the goal pursued is good benefits, which requires enterprises to understand the national and local macro policies. F) automatic calibration: the system can automatically calibrate the indication accuracy; Some business operators often ask such a topic: what should we do in the near future, and where are the hot spots in the market? Special

macro policies determine the general development trend of the industry

market economy, and the goal is to achieve good benefits, which requires enterprises to understand the national and local macro policies. Some business operators often ask such a topic: what should we do in the near future, and where are the hot spots in the market? Especially for those enterprises that need to make major adjustments to their product structure and face major development and transformation, I believe this is a problem that everyone cares about and urgently needs to solve

for manufacturing enterprises, the investment is long and the effect is slow. Once risks are found, the general trend is gone. Therefore, the industrial capital operation of such enterprises should be cautious and not divorced from the market hot spots. In China, in the long run, the development of construction machinery industry can not be separated from the guidance and influence of national macro policies

in a recent interview with Mr. yanghongqi, chairman of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, revealed such a view: both operators of industrial production enterprises and distributors in the circulation field should not only be familiar with the relevant economic and industrial policies, but also grasp and understand the relevant national macro policies in the near future. He specifically mentioned that the market trend of China's construction machinery in the future was explained in the suggestions of the CPC Central Committee on formulating the Tenth Five Year Plan for national economic and social development and then checking whether the experimental machine is solid; secondly, considering whether there is an air plan in the oil circuit system and the outline of the Tenth Five Year Plan for the national economy of the people's Republic of China. It can be said that in these two documents, construction machinery is full of business opportunities

the construction machinery industry serves six major areas: one is the transportation industry. Including water transportation, highway, railway, air transportation, pipeline transportation, etc. The second is the exploitation of raw materials. Such as the construction and production of chemical raw materials, non-ferrous metals, steel and other mines. The third is energy. Such as mining and construction of coal, oil, power stations, etc. The fourth is the construction of agriculture, forestry and water conservancy. A concept that needs to be clarified here is that the rural economy is not equal to the agricultural economy. The former includes all aspects of rural development. Including rural road construction, energy exploitation and development. In addition, the infrastructure construction in rural areas and the equipment required by cities and towns are the same, but the scale is smaller and the grade is lower. Water conservancy project is a long-term project. For example, the governance of the Yangtze River and other rivers requires the efforts of several or even more generations. The fifth is urban and rural construction. When it comes to construction, of course, the first thing is the construction of infrastructure, especially for less developed countries and regions. At present, there are more than 2000 counties in China. What we need is construction machinery products suitable for rural areas. The sixth is national defense construction. The modernization of national defense construction is inseparable from applicable engineering machinery products. For example, in the Gulf War, the driverless bulldozers used in the United States are the products with loading speed of engineering machinery production: before yielding ------ stress increase speed 10mpa/s. The above aspects are the main fields of the construction machinery market

after understanding the main application fields of construction machinery industry, let's take a look at the specific impact of current national policies and guidelines on this industry. According to yanghongqi's analysis, from the relevant contents of the above two documents, it mainly involves several aspects. The first is to vigorously carry out infrastructure construction in order to expand domestic demand. It involves almost all products of the construction machinery industry. The second is the western development strategy. Since the Song Dynasty, the focus of China's economic development has been in the East for hundreds of years. Therefore, the development of the west is a long-term benefit for all industries. This is especially true in the construction machinery industry. Third, it can also purchase multiple sets of equipment for production at the same time. Third, it is urbanization. Rural urbanization is to develop rural areas into relatively concentrated and advanced small towns, change the current situation of rural economy, solve the employment problem of rural idle labor force, and improve the living standards of farmers and the quality of the population. This is also a long-term development strategy. The fourth is the strategy of sustainable development. For example, environmental governance and rectification is an important content. The development and construction of all large-scale projects should take good environmental protection as an important prerequisite for development. The reclamation of waste open-pit mines and the filling of underground waste mines are all big markets for construction machinery. The above four aspects show that the construction machinery enterprises have been full of business opportunities for quite a long time. In addition, there are Beijing's Olympic business opportunities, as well as various opportunities and construction projects brought about by China's accession to the WTO. It should be noted that in all these large fields, all aspects of the construction machinery industry are involved

if we master the development direction of relevant national strategic construction, we will master the general trend of industry development. If the market development can be divided into active and passive situations, there is no doubt that the results obtained through the enterprise's own observation and analysis are more reliable than the market decisions obtained by hearsay or by guessing the intentions of relevant units and leaders. In this way, the risk of enterprise decision-making is relatively reduced

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