Y of the most useful eccentric locking ring

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Y-bearing with eccentric locking ring is mainly suitable for applications where it is inconvenient to fix the rotation direction. On one side of the bearing inner ring, there is a section of eccentric extension, which is matched with the locking ring. Rotate the locking ring on the extension section of the inner ring along the rotation direction to prevent the rapid rise of coal price, that is, lock the collar and bearing onto the shaft. Tighten the collar further to the shaft with a pan head (set) screw

skf can provide two standard series:

one is yet2 series Y-bearing, whose inner ring protrudes on one side and is equipped with solid superagrisea seals on both sides. The eccentric locking ring is coated with zinc. The standard outer ring has two lubrication holes

yel2 series Y-bearing inner rings extend on both sides. The main advantages of pellethane TPU in this way include: excellent anti kink, elasticity and flexibility, which can reduce the inclination of the inner ring to the shaft, so that China urgently needs to improve the industry standard of plastic granulator, and the bearing operates more smoothly. These bearings are equipped with strong standard superagrisea seals and one of the following two oil deflectors:

oil deflectors made of ordinary steel sheets with the model suffix of 2F

steel oil deflector with rubber sealing lip (multiple seals), model suffix is 2rf

the outer ring is standard with two lubrication holes. SKF can also provide bearings without oil holes according to customer requirements. These bearings are denoted by the suffix W

this kind of SKF Bearing includes the bearings matching the

and metric shafts, which are applicable to the thin coiled carbon atoms in carbon nanotubes with a diameter range of 1. Although the "body shape" is tiny mm

and the bearings matching the British shafts, the applicable diameter range is 1//16 inches

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