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Xushiqing, deputy general manager of China paper, went to Yinhe Paper to carry out a special party lesson. Release date: Source: China paper. According to the work deployment of the Party committee of China paper without strong magnetic field interference and the requirements of the Party committee of the company on carrying out the "party lesson" activity, on September 16, the deputy general manager of China paper, Secretary of the Party committee of Yinhe Paper Chairman xushiqing gave a vivid, wonderful and practical party lesson to all Party members of Galaxy paper with the theme of "improving political position, enhancing compliance awareness and contributing to promoting the high-quality development of China's paper industry"

xushiqing improved his political standing and became an understanding person in political understanding; Enhance the awareness after the compliance activities, and be a practitioner of standardized operation; The three aspects of strengthening mission responsibility and being a pioneer in improving style of work have profoundly expounded the great significance of improving political standing and enhancing compliance awareness

xushiqing pointed out that the political position is the concentrated embodiment of the "Four Consciousness". Improving the political position is an important standard to measure whether Party members and cadres are qualified, an important way to solve the ideological problems of Party members and cadres, and the fundamental requirement for Party members and cadres to achieve the "two maintenance". All Party members should consciously strengthen their political responsibility, break away from departmentalism and ideological constraints, and resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the work requirements of higher Party committees. Metal shear testing machines are mainly used to test the mechanical properties of various metals, nonmetals and composite materials. Keep in mind that their first identity is a communist, always strengthen their political faith and maintain their absolute loyalty to the party

xushiqing stressed that compliance management is the cornerstone of enterprise operation and the legal guarantee for the orderly and healthy development of the enterprise. Enhancing compliance awareness will help the enterprise resolve compliance risks, rebuild the enterprise management system, improve the company's management ability, restructure the corporate culture, and establish an effective compliance management system. All Party members should deeply understand the significance of compliance management, realize the transformation from "I want compliance" to "I want compliance", constantly improve and perfect the compliance management system, and ensure the company's policies The effective implementation of the system promotes the standardized management and compliant operation of enterprises

xushiqing pointed out that party members and cadres should seize the favorable opportunity of this special education activity and work style construction and rectification, seriously reflect and inspect with the spirit of self revolution, adhere to the problem orientation, benchmarking one by one, analyze the causes, clarify and implement the rectification, and pay close attention to the work at all stages of the special education activity. We should strengthen our commitment to the mission, improve our ideological, work and life styles, set an example of loyalty to the party and firm faith, set an example of entrepreneurship and commitment, and set an example of self-discipline, integrity and probity

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