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Xu Yan, general manager of Shanghai Pengpu visited the Heilongjiang market Xu Yan, general manager of Shanghai Pengpu visited the Heilongjiang market recently, Xu Yan, general manager of Shanghai Pengpu company, led a team to visit Heilongjiang to have a deep understanding of the local construction machinery market situation and the operating conditions of the agency, and to visit and exchange with local users. It is estimated that the company will reach £ 4.5 billion by 2019, accompanied by relevant leaders and personnel of bulldozer business department

general manager Xu Yan and his delegation first visited the parts warehouse and maintenance workshop of the agency company, fully affirmed the development of the company in recent years, affirmed its achievements in actively exploring the Heilongjiang market, and conducted in-depth exchanges on the future development of the Heilongjiang market. During the exchange, general manager Xu, the manufacturer's investment in packaging machinery will be very large. He agrees with the agency's business philosophy of starting from the heart and respecting customers, and hopes that Shanghai Pengpu can work with the agency to build the Heilongjiang market into a benchmark market for Shanghai Pengpu

in the exchange activities with local users, the main principals and leaders in charge of equipment use department and maintenance department attended 13 Experiment report: (according to customer needs). At the meeting, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the use and maintenance of Pengpu equipment, optimization and improvement, strategic cooperation and other topics, and reached consensus one by one. After the meeting, the participants of both parties went to the equipment use site for field investigation

after the investigation, general manager Xu Yan said: Heilongjiang market is the key development market of Shanghai Pengpu. In the future, Shanghai Pengpu will work with the agency to increase sales and service, jointly build the Pengpu brand, further expand the Heilongjiang market, and provide users with better products and services! The agency also expressed firm confidence in Pengpu's products, but may say that it will strive to expand Shanghai Pengpu's brand influence and market share in Heilongjiang market

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