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When you are busy with the decoration of your home, and even enjoy talking about your recent treasures with your relatives and friends, be careful, you may be heading for a hidden trap. Home decoration is a conscience project, but not every enterprise or dealer agent can correctly understand and interpret it. Therefore, Xiaobian will give you a trick to avoid the trap of home decoration

◆ learn from multiple channels and be alert to promotional gimmicks

because the home building materials decoration industry has the characteristics of low attention and high participation, it is highly professional. Consumers have no needs and pay little attention, and once they participate, they need to have some professional knowledge. Therefore, when consumers buy furniture and building materials, they need to know through the Internet, relatives and friends, forums and other channels. Promotional gimmicks are one of the biggest puzzles of home decoration owners

the following are the major promotional gimmicks summarized by Xiaobian, which can be used as a reference:

first, the whole audience x folded. First of all, the industry mainly knows the categories of x-discount products. If the scope of concessions is very small and the types are very limited, then such promotion is of little significance

second, the lowest price in the whole year. Indeed, some enterprises attract new customers and give back to old customers in this way. But for most consumers who buy furniture or building materials only once for many years, it is difficult to distinguish whether this is the authenticity of the business commitment

third, the deposit is fishy. Many businesses will stipulate that if they want to enjoy the promotional benefits, they must first pay a certain amount of deposit. As for whether the money can be refunded, the specific amount depends on the main materials purchased by consumers, and it is common that the deposit cannot be refunded after delivery

fourth, rush purchase price. The rush purchase price is really exciting, but there are many restrictions on quantity or time. If the quantity is small and the time is short, it is not really affordable. Therefore, when you see the above promotions, don't rush to take action. You might as well get more information before making a decision

◆ don't be credulous about low budgets and agree in advance to prevent price increases

recently, the media has frequently exposed that some home decoration companies attract customers by falsely reporting their early budgets and make huge profits by raising prices in disguise in specific construction. After individual decoration companies solicit customers at low prices, they will add items and prices for various reasons during the decoration process. If the owner disagrees or disagrees, the progress and quality of the overall construction may be affected. These companies have caught the owners' mentality of being ignorant and greedy for petty gains, and have succeeded repeatedly. If the quotation of a decoration company is obviously lower than the market price, you have to pay more attention

experts put forward suggestions on this, carefully check whether the decoration project has been included in the budget, and the drawings should be consistent with the budget when signing the contract. The project shall be detailed as much as possible, and the single item and unit price shall be indicated to prevent disputes. If necessary, it can be agreed in the budget list of the contract: in the case of fine adjustment of the design scheme, X% deviation between the actual materials and the budget is allowed, and payment will be refused beyond this range




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