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St. Rona flooring will grandly launch the anniversary celebration and reward activities to thank the majority of consumers for their long-term love with preferential discounts and exquisite gifts

"San Rona formaldehyde antibacterial floor, good quality, trustworthy", "San Rona formaldehyde antibacterial floor after-sales service is really good"... The praise of customers is the driving force for the continuous progress of San Rona formaldehyde antibacterial floor. It has never stopped for more than ten years, and has made steady progress, winning the praise of the majority of consumers and the praise of the industry at the same time. In July, in order to give back the support and love of the majority of consumers for St. Rona flooring, St. Rona flooring will grandly launch an anniversary celebration and reward the long-term love of the majority of consumers with preferential discounts and exquisite gifts

it is reported that this anniversary celebration was held at the same time in major St. Rona floor stores across the country. On July 5, this "St. Rona aldehyde antibacterial home trip to China, where thousands of people are fighting for health!" The theme of the anniversary celebration ceremony officially kicked off. The activity will continue until July 20, when the benefits will be given back to consumers at freezing prices, and good gifts such as vacuum cleaners and car refrigerators will be given out. The intensity is unprecedented, which is beyond your imagination

according to the relevant person in charge of Saint Rona flooring, Saint Rona flooring has always won the favor of many consumers with its ultra-high cost performance and perfect service. This year, the anniversary celebration of St. Rona flooring will be presented with "five blessings" Thanksgiving, in order to give consumers the greatest Thanksgiving feedback. In the early stage of the preparation for the event, dealers all over the country made careful planning and preparation, and each link was carefully arranged and arranged. During the event, the series products of each store are discounted by 60% to benefit consumers. Dealers also prepare exquisite small gifts for customers who enter the store. Customers can get a lucky draw by signing the bill. Cash will be given as soon as they win the lottery, and there are also rich prizes such as vacuum cleaners and car refrigerators. The activity site was packed with people, the atmosphere was very lively, and the signing was continuous

Saint Rona flooring has always won with quality. It not only has the industry's leading technology research and development team, but also has accumulated rich experience in wood flooring production. Over the years, Saint Rona has always been based on the road of product innovation and R & D, and constantly endows the brand with new development potential with excellent product R & D capabilities. The advent of sanrona aldehyde antibacterial flooring has created a new era of environmental protection in China's wood flooring industry. During this anniversary celebration, the major stores of St. Rona solemnly launched formaldehyde free antibacterial flooring. Welcome to consult and buy

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