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This case is a post-80s netizen of Tsinghua ink painting group, mainly in simple Europe. The whole decoration style is romantic, dreamy and quiet, with an overall cost of 90000. Let's have a look

decoration owner files:

decoration owner: post-80s decoration bidding netizen community: ink Tsinghua decoration company: confidential [decoration company recommended through decoration bidding] decoration style: simple European style decoration area: 140 square meters decoration cost: 90000

the blue and purple appearance we see in this living room, beautiful fantasy, like a playful forest fairy tale

I have designed Weber gallery and restaurant, but my own design is still very different from my own home. The owners' requirements for the living room are not very high, so the small house in the home has been changed into an open restaurant and kitchen

the display function of the living room is very obvious, while the bedroom pursues simpler and more comfortable

try to connect the original bedroom with the study, and even part of the balcony is used as a bedroom, so there is such a bright and open bedroom as we see now

the inspiration at ordinary times comes from their usual observations and fantasies. Love life and family, this is the true nature we feel in the life recorded in the photo album at home




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