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Customized home furnishing has become a trend of home furnishing. As a leading brand of overall customized home furnishing, leyijia will take customized wardrobe as an example to tell you what factors are related to the price of customized wardrobe

why is there a price difference of thousands of yuan for a panel wardrobe with the same plate, size, specification and color? This problem that confuses consumers is also the problem that the customized wardrobe industry has not been standardized and urgently needs to be solved. In fact, the price difference mainly depends on the pricing method. Different from the mass-produced wardrobe on the assembly line, almost every customized wardrobe is different, which also makes the output rate of each whole board different

customized home has become a trend of home furnishing. Nowadays, consumers generally love customized home furnishings, but it is easy to customize homes that are inconsistent with their ideal price due to lack of understanding of the home furnishing industry. As a leading brand of overall customized home furnishings, leyijia takes customized wardrobe as an example to tell you what factors are related to the price of customized wardrobe

materials of the main structure

the price of customized wardrobe has a very important influence factor, that is, the materials of the main structure. The materials of the main structure may affect the overall price of the wardrobe with the same material and specification, because the main structure plays a role in supporting and dividing the weight and pattern of the whole wardrobe, and its material properties and firmness directly affect the weight and service life of the wardrobe. Therefore, there will still be a certain gap in the price of materials for the main structure

there are many drawers and the cost is high

if there are more drawers in the wardrobe, it can be better classified and clothes or other daily necessities can be placed more neatly. However, in fact, the number of wardrobe drawers will affect the cost of customized wardrobe. Suggestion: at present, the unit price of the overall wardrobe drawer in the market is between 160 and 220 yuan. The more drawers, the higher the cost. Usually, only 2-3 drawers are needed for the wardrobe, so the owner is recommended to pay attention to the proper installation

although the buffer guide rail is good, the cost is easy to increase.

the buffer guide rail of the wardrobe can avoid the "snap" sound when pushing and pulling the wardrobe and drawer, and to a certain extent, it can also prolong the service life of the wardrobe. However, the price of buffer guide rail has to be calculated additionally. Suggestion: the unit price of the guide rail of ordinary wardrobe without buffer function is 160~180 yuan/piece. If it is a guide rail with buffer function, it needs more than 220 yuan/piece. The more buffer guide rails, the higher the price. If you want to save money, the reporter suggested that owners should gently push and pull when using the wardrobe

wardrobe sliding door is simple and beautiful

many people pay attention to fitting a decent sliding door to the wardrobe, but generally speaking, pushing the door will greatly affect the price of customized wardrobe,

it may cause the original cost of customized wardrobe to be not high, but when the door is finally installed, the budget cost is exceeded at once. Therefore, if you want to save money, you can pursue simple beauty

the laminate design is enough

many people think that the more laminates in the wardrobe, the better, and the higher the practicality. Naturally, they want to add a few more laminates to improve the service life and practicality of the wardrobe, but in fact, this is unnecessary, and an appropriate amount is good

the price of invisible mirrors is high

of course, many women like a mirror in the wardrobe, which can not only facilitate the fitting of clothes, but also save space and place a mirror. But the overall cost of the wardrobe also increases with the increase of invisible mirrors

in fact, the price of customized clothes is closely related to many details. It is closely related to the high and low quality of materials used, and more and less. If you want to buy a wardrobe at the end of your ideal, you should make a plan based on your own needs and the ideal price of customized wardrobe, which will not lead to customized wardrobe that does not match your ideal price




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