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From July 11 to 12, Changqing Oil experimental operators were not allowed to touch Tian company's expert group in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, reviewed the "1. Industrial status, scope, competitive advantages and development trends Changbei project phase II (New Changbei) overall evaluation port control source program: price plan" submitted by shell. This indicates that the dispersion of carbon nanotubes has been solved, and that PetroChina and shell will once again cooperate in depth in the Changbei project

entrusted by PetroChina, Changqing Oilfield Company organized an expert group to conduct a detailed demonstration and review of the "overall evaluation plan of Changbei project phase II (New Changbei)" submitted by shell. The expert group fully affirmed the large amount of work done by shell in the process of preparing the plan, put forward pertinent opinions, and suggested that the expert group of shell revise and improve the plan again

the Changbei project, jointly developed by Changqing Oilfield Company on behalf of PetroChina and shell, has achieved an annual natural gas output of 3.5 billion cubic meters since the signing of the cooperation contract in September 1999. It is the main force for Changqing Oilfield to ensure the supply of natural gas in Beijing, and has become the largest international cooperation project that has been completed in the upstream of onshore petroleum in China. It is a flag for PetroChina to carry out international cooperation in domestic oil and gas areas, It is praised by shell as' a model of global cooperation projects'

Both parties believe that the success of the Changbei project is the result of mutual benefit and sincere cooperation. Both sides expect to continue and carry forward this achievement in the cooperation of the 'new Changbei' project

it is understood that PetroChina and shell have reached a cooperation intention and will cooperate again in the existing Changbei project cooperation area with the goal of developing secondary tight gas reservoirs outside the Shan 2 reservoir. The two companies will integrate the successful experience of shell in developing similar gas reservoirs in North America and Changqing Oilfield in developing Sulige gas field, maximize the development of natural gas resources in the region, and find Changbei above Changbei. This is also the origin of the 'new Changbei' project

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