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The decoration of the new campus is suspected of exceeding the standard of formaldehyde. The school is silent to

the decoration of the new campus is suspected of exceeding the standard of formaldehyde. The school is silent to

October 09, 2013

automatically judge whether the spring is qualified [China paint information] recently, the head of the student's family of "Helan No. 1 primary school" in Helan County, Yinchuan City, Ningxia called to reflect that more than 280 students have varying degrees of skin ulceration and cheeks redness because the classroom in the school is suspected of exceeding the standard of formaldehyde, Nosebleed and other symptoms. However, the school did not admit that the formaldehyde in the newly decorated classroom exceeded the standard

the newly decorated campus suspected that formaldehyde exceeded the standard, and more than 280 students had symptoms such as nosebleed.

a parent said to: "School started on August 28 this year, and the decoration was not completed until teachers' day. Children began to go to class on September 1. Because there were too many students in the old campus, the school divided 80 children in a class into 50 children in a class, and adjusted the children in grades 1 and 2 to the new campus. As a result, after more than ten days of school, many children developed symptoms such as nosebleed, and some children were hospitalized."

parents also reported that it was definitely not an accident that more than 280 children had nosebleed and red cheeks at the same time. Some children were in serious condition and had been hospitalized. Contacted the mother of the hospitalized child, she specifically described the course of her child's illness: "the child had cough symptoms in the early stage, took medicine at home, and the situation was slightly improved. When he returned to the classroom, he coughed badly again, until one day the child had a high fever on the way back from school, his ears were red, and his whole body was swollen. Later, we sent the child to the hospital, and the doctor said it was allergic urticaria."

for the cause of the child's disease, doctors highly suspect that it is caused by excessive formaldehyde in the classroom, but in medicine, it is necessary to stop the drug for two weeks before testing the allergen

the mother of the child said that she drew the experimental curve. Before the child moved into the new classroom, she also went to the classroom to help clean it. At that time, I felt that the smell in the classroom was pungent, and my eyes were tingling

when asked whether the school had asked about the child's situation, the child's mother said sadly that no one had come to the school, only the head teacher asked

the school has organized two formaldehyde tests, and parents expressed doubts about the results.

the school also conducted formaldehyde tests and invited parents' representatives to participate in the supervision, but the windows and doors were wide open during the test. Parents believe that this is not in line with the testing procedures and the results are inaccurate

in the unanimous opposition of parents, the school organized a second test. This time, the doors and windows were closed, and the test data were exactly the same as the first time. The inspector claimed to be from the County Environmental Protection Bureau, but when his parents asked him to show relevant certificates, he was refused. Parents believe that the reliability of such test results is too low

it is rumored that the attitude of the school and the competent departments towards this matter is who is responsible for it. If the staff of the education system intervene in this matter, they will be dismissed. However, this is only a rumor and has not been confirmed

formaldehyde exceeding the standard in newly decorated classrooms is not a case. Experts say that exceeding the standard by five times can cause leukemia

6 After using the pendulum impact testing machine for one year, the level should be adjusted. It is not uncommon for children to have cough, nosebleed and other symptoms caused by excessive formaldehyde in newly decorated classrooms in schools

on the first day of school at Yucai primary school in Mengcun County, Hebei Province, shortly after 3000 students entered the new teaching building, the pungent smell in the classroom made more than 500 students cough, sneeze, dry and itchy throat, astringent eyes and tears, and some students also suffered from itching of exposed skin such as face and neck, and even nausea and vomiting

after more than 500 students in Yucai primary school developed discomfort symptoms, the County Bureau of culture and education immediately reported to the county government and decided that all students in the school would have a week off. In the afternoon of September 2, Mengcun county organized cultural and educational, environmental protection, health and other departments to rush to the school for on-site office work to urgently carry out the detection and treatment of classroom pollution

according to the follow-up investigation of school renovation pollution by the China Indoor Environment Monitoring Committee, the air pollution caused by campus decoration mainly comes from three aspects: building decoration materials, painting and coating of old school buildings, and replacement of desks and chairs in classrooms. "Formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic substances in building materials and furniture generally have a release cycle of 10 to 15 years. These toxic substances will be concentrated and amplified after accumulated intake by the human body, which will lead to serious damage to human body tissues. For example, if the formaldehyde in children's rooms exceeds the standard by 5 times, there is a risk of leukaemia. Long term exposure to formaldehyde pollution will lead to a variety of serious diseases."

songguangsheng, vice president of the China Interior Decoration Association, said that during the tight construction period, many school buildings renovated during the holidays simply cannot achieve sufficient ventilation, and some may even have the phenomenon that the construction party steals beams and columns of building materials, which further increases the content of harmful substances in the indoor air of some schools

Song Guangsheng believes that the school building, as a special social public facility, is essential for daily maintenance, but the maintenance must be in accordance with the national standard of the limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials. While strictly controlling the quality of decoration materials and construction links, the ventilation of newly decorated school buildings must be strengthened; It is necessary for education departments at all levels to issue strict indoor air environment testing standards for new school buildings and repaired school buildings, and enforce them to ensure the health of teachers and students

lawyer: formaldehyde testing institutions need to be qualified. The school should not be passive and do nothing. The problem of Yucai primary school in Mengcun County, Hebei Province has been solved under the active cooperation of departments at all levels. When can the problem of Helan No. 1 primary school in Helan County, Yinchuan city be solved? Everyone is worried

for the case, whether the two formaldehyde tests independently carried out by the school are reasonable, lawyer Hu Gang of Beijing Chaoyang law firm said that according to the provisions of the national dose law, the product quality inspection institutions that provide fair data to the society must pass the assessment of their dose verification and detection ability and reliability by the dose administration department of the people's government at or above the provincial level, Only the testing institutions that have obtained the dose certification certificate and the CMA mark of indoor environmental inspection can be engaged in the inspection and testing work, and the test report or test results issued by them can have legal effect

according to lawyer Hu, the staff of the environmental protection bureau may be divided into two categories. The staff of the environmental protection bureau may not have the relevant statutory inspection and testing qualifications, and the public institutions under the local environmental protection bureau may have the relevant statutory quarantine and inspection qualifications, but they need to obtain the relevant certificates, the letter of cooperation between Ashland and customers and obtain the relevant marks before they can carry out the relevant activities. In addition, this kind of quality inspection and testing itself requires practitioners to have high technical ability, as well as expensive and complex inspection conditions and facilities

Wu Yongqiang, a special commentator of voice of economics, said that schools should consider children's health and should no longer let children study in such classrooms. Secondly, it should investigate whether it is raw materials that damage children's health, and other factors. As the school, it should start the relevant accountability procedures, and the reasons should be made public as much as possible. When more than 280 children have symptoms at the same time, the school should not be silent or do nothing

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