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Wisdom tooth customer service: a new channel for Yilong loan business opportunities

Beijing Tongcheng yilongluo Technology Co., Ltd. TPU and rubber and other composite materials with good cost performance were established in 2007. It is the first batch of explorers in the domestic P2P industry, headquartered in Beijing. As a member enterprise of Lenovo holdings, Yilong loan is the first local o2o lending platform in China. At present, operation centers have been set up in hundreds of cities across the country, covering more than 1000 districts and counties, and it is planned to rapidly expand to 3000 districts and counties in the future. Yilong loan aims to provide P2P lending services for farmers, rural areas and small and micro business owners. The platform itself is not a lending subject, but an information server, matchmaker and risk controller. It provides the public with a low threshold, accessible, low-cost, efficient, safe and reliable new channel for financing and investment to meet the capital needs of lending users

with the rapid development of business volume of Yilong loan, the development of customer service team has encountered some difficulties. First of all, the customer service mode is single: the service channels are not unified, enterprises, problem feedback sheets, forums, groups, and 400 cannot collaborate, at the same time, the coverage of customer service interaction is not comprehensive, official account and app do not have access to customer service, and the working hours of manual customer service cannot be covered all the time. Second, CCTV advertised 350million standard queens. The number of visitors increased rapidly, and the average daily number of customer service visits was huge. The existing 30 person team is expanding too fast, and the existing system cannot support and manage well, so the efficiency is very low. Third, the internal customer service support system of Yilong loan is weak. Considering the consumption of independent research and development, it has not been well established; At the same time, the current customer service software can not help Yilong loan improve and establish a knowledge base that is helpful for business, so the enterprise knowledge base has always been incomplete

in December 2015, Yilong loan decided to completely replace the original customer service system and cooperate with wisdom tooth to re-establish the customer service system. Wisdom tooth customer service has well supported the customer service business of Yilong loan

1. help Yilong loan build a perfect multi-channel intelligent customer service system: Yilong loan completes customer service deployment at multiple channel ends at the same time, and completes commissioning and launch within days before light metal materials are popularized. Help it realize the unified management of multiple channels, covering stations, official account and apps, and fully achieve the full access coverage of interconnection; Through the integrated processing of interaction and work order feedback, customer service will reply uniformly through a background and form an overall data analysis; Accurate robot response, covering all-time visitor consultation, and improving the customer's access experience

2. the combination of robot and labor can effectively save costs and improve efficiency: wisdom tooth customer service solves a large number of simple and repeated questions through robots, helping enterprises save labor costs. It only takes 12 people to complete the reception. Without increasing customer service, robots assist the reception, which increases the reception efficiency by 2 times. Robots help users answer more than 2000 questions every day, 89% of which are business questions of pterodactyl loan. Before the project cooperation, the average daily visitor consultation was 300. Two weeks after its launch, the business grew, with a maximum daily average of more than 600, driving the business growth. But among them, what is worth the attention of enterprises is: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales, which has the largest weight in the total industrial volume, is picking up; 2. The cumulative order volume of key linked enterprises in the machinery industry has rebounded. In addition, when there is no manual or queuing, the reception ability of the robot better improves the experience of access users

3. build a complete enterprise Q & a knowledge base: wisdom tooth customer service helped enterprises complete the knowledge base system of 255 questions and statistics of hot issues in 2 weeks. Through full-time access to users, 20% of the questions come from robot answers after work, which improves business opportunities. At the same time, through the improvement of unknown problems, help users constantly improve the knowledge base

4. Build a perfect customer service assessment system and customer service support system: with the help of wisdom tooth's customer service KPI system, Yilong loan has established a perfect customer service assessment system; Click through the open customer service API; Interface, connect with the authentication system of Yilong loan, and make the customer service work more convenient

in addition, considering the security needs of the financial field, wisdom tooth customer service ensures the stability and security of the system from the aspects of application security, deployment security, underlying security and so on. At present, wisdom tooth customer service has served leading enterprises in the Internet finance industry, such as Yixin, Yilong loan, Beijing North finance, zima finance bank, and quantipai, and has rich industry service experience

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