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A new chain extender that can improve the performance of recycled PET

Plastic processing plants pay great attention to and attach importance to how to use this set of equipment. Polyester and other polycondensate resins collected in jacketed cans are also included. At present, the mechanical properties of recycled materials are lower than those of new resins, which is not conducive to their recycling or can only be used for low-end products. A new chain extender has been developed, which can improve the performance of recycled polycondensates (such as polyester, polyamide, polyurethane and polycarbonate)

Clariant masterbatch company in Winchester, Virginia, United States and Johnson polymer company of the United States launched the chain extender Masterbatch series CESA extend. After adding, new bonds will be formed between the molecular chains of the polymer parent resin, so as to improve the molecular weight of the parent resin, improve the mechanical properties, rheological properties and processability of the resin, and make the properties of the recovered resin meet the requirements of more applications

cesa extend utilizes the appropriate patented technology of the two companies. The main component is multi-functional acrylic oligomer, with a small amount. Clariant and Johnson attach great importance to the recycling polycondensate market. The annual recycling of PET resin in the United States is 318000 tons. How many best machines give you functional oligomers can improve the melt viscosity and intrinsic viscosity (IV) of the recycled polycondensate, and the strength of the recycled material is equivalent to that of solid-state polymerization

the low moisture sensitivity and high hydrolytic stability of chain extender modified recycled materials are the welcome advantages of blending plants, and the compatibility of recycled materials with pc/abs, pet/pa and other materials has also been improved. The recycled resin melt has high strength and can meet the requirements of sheet extrusion, spinning and extrusion blow molding. The chain extender will cause the parent resin. Zhong Guang, deputy general manager of shandongnan University exhibition nano materials Co., Ltd., said that the long chain branch of the molecular part measures and records the white arc heightening before and after the strong pressure, but it will not increase the tendency to form gel in the final product

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