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Ruggedized tablet computer -- a new cheese in the industrial control market

Guide: as a special force in the computer family, ruggedized computer products are designed to provide escort tasks for users in military and police, exploration, oil, navigation and other special industries, so they are also known as fighters in industrial tablets. With the continuous development of China's special industries such as maritime, military, high-speed rail and other fields, the demand of users in special industries is also increasing, and the market space for reinforced computer products, especially reinforced tablet computers, will continue to increase. In order to better meet the needs of users, the development of reinforcement equipment has also appeared some new development trends

ruggedized tablet the fighter aircraft in the industrial tablet is different from the mass consumer goods. The requirements for equipment in the industrial production environment are often described as follows: adapt to harsh and harsh environment

in the eyes of ordinary people, the bad environment is dust, oil and other places, as well as cold winter or hot weather. In fact, the harsh environment in industry also includes salt, sand, mold, spray, rain and snow, anti electromagnetic interference, corrosion and scratch, dust, impact, vibration and extreme temperature, etc. It covers industries including manufacturing, warehousing, military industry, national defense, aviation, factory automation, on-site maintenance, transportation, police, fire protection, oil and gas exploration and drilling

take tablet computers as an example. In the application of mass consumer goods, there is no need to take too many protective measures for the ordinary environment, but in the harsh and harsh environment, the direct exposure of the screen is a problem. These special application environments have also derived a number of targeted super power products reinforced tablet computers

ruggedized tablet computers, like commercial computers, also developed from cumbersome computers, which were called ruggedized computers at that time. In the early 1980s, China's military enterprises began to study the reinforcement of computers. The vast majority of military information product research and development units have their own reinforcement departments, which are mainly responsible for the reinforcement of unit products. In recent years, the domestic computer reinforcement field is gradually embarking on the road of specialization, and developing towards the direction of small, portable and light, so the reinforced tablet computer came into being. The front panel of the reinforced tablet computer is generally made of aluminum magnesium alloy and hard anodized wire drawing treatment. The protection grade is generally IP65 with the characteristics of constant rate experimental force, constant rate strain, constant rate stroke control, etc. Ruggedized tablet computers and ruggedized computers are computers that have taken corresponding assurance measures for various factors that affect the performance of computers, such as system structure, electrical characteristics and mechanical physical structure, in order to adapt to various harsh environments, and can meet the needs of various industries for mobile work in special environments. As a special force in the computer family, reinforced computer products are designed to provide escort for users in military and police, exploration, oil, navigation and other special industries. This requires that ruggedized computer products must be able to cope with the severe challenges brought about by various extreme application environments. Therefore, it is also known as the fighter in industrial tablets

ruggedized tablets are necessary weapons for special industries

we are usually unfamiliar with industrial tablets and ruggedized tablets. Unlike commercial tablets, industrial tablets pay more attention to external environmental tolerance and more efficient and reliable computing performance. Although it is difficult for us to really experience the intuitive feeling brought by industrial tablets, in real life, Every day, they silently play a huge role behind the scenes. They are a necessary weapon for special industries. The author will introduce its super characteristics from the following industrial applications:

field survey and mapping. With the rapid development of the application of computers, ground measuring instruments and digital mapping software, digital mapping has gradually replaced the traditional manual measurement methods and become the mainstream mode of mapping production, water conservancy and hydropower projects, land management and other mapping businesses. The difficult and harsh working environment of the exploration industry determines that the information management platform must have four requirements: easy installation in different environments, PC based internal SAP system and company integration network; The equipment must be durable, waterproof and vibration resistant; The whole machine can work at a wide temperature of -20~50 degrees; With rich interfaces, it can realize real-time collection of operation status and reliable data transmission. Therefore, the ruggedized tablet computer is the most suitable device to be used here. In the process of field mapping, the reinforced tablet computer can be repaired at any time, so that the station can be cleared day by day, which can effectively prevent measurement errors, missed measurements, retests, rework and other unavoidable problems in manual mapping work

military and national defense. Since the advent of the computer, the reinforcement computer technology and application have been highly valued by the military, the government and all walks of life. At present, the reinforcement computer technology and application has become an important topic in China's national defense industry. In accordance with the spirit of the state's instructions to adapt to the new situation, actively explore new ways and methods to integrate the military and the people, and integrate the military with the people, it will provide an exchange platform for the use of advanced reinforcement technology, equipment, and products in the modernization of the country and the army, as well as for Chinese units engaged in the development and application of reinforcement computer technology. At present, the field of national defense is still a stable and large-scale application field of Ruggedized computers, but emerging markets in other industries also put forward a huge demand for ruggedized computers. The research and development of military computers and the level of equipment application are important measures to measure a country's national defense modernization and military strength

fire fighting. As we all know, the work of firefighters is in danger all the time. Tens of thousands of firefighters have been injured in the rescue process. Most of these people were burned at the front line of fire fighting and without equipment and cover. If some technologies/equipment can be used to work normally in the complex environment of fire, and the specific location of the rescue object can be reported, many casualty accidents can be reduced. This kind of equipment is undoubtedly a reinforced technical machine. The fire department has been looking for this kind of technical equipment. Installing a device in the fire truck can obtain the on-site information at the first time, command firefighters to carry out rescue, and maintain contact with the front line of fire fighting. This set of equipment must be movable, very solid and 100% reliable; Must support existing wireless devices (802.11); It can also make statistics on the use of fire engines to the operator, such as oxygen consumption and pressure status; The system also needs to have alarm function and evacuation notice. More importantly, if firefighters cannot receive instructions, they need to be able to contact directly by radio to ensure the effective progress of rescue. For this project, Advantech cooperates with system integrators to form a complete solution based on the application software developed by Advantech x10d ruggedized tablet computer. Provide effective protection for firefighters' injuries

drilling. Drilling platform requires high reliability of computer hardware. The product is required to be explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant and stable. Usually, the monitoring system needs to adopt redundant backup system (including software redundancy and hardware redundancy). For example, the CPU module of PLC and the communication module communicating with industrial computer adopt redundancy mode, that is, two CPU modules, two communication modules and corresponding redundant control. The control system software runs independently on the reinforced explosion-proof tablet computer. Each reinforced explosion-proof tablet computer has an independent channel to communicate with PLC. Through the management area of the platform, the daily production data and a period of historical generated data can be summarized and processed and transmitted to the land production management department, so that the management department can immediately control the production situation of the platform and make timely adjustments to the future production plan

power plant. Most wind farms are located in the desert or on the coast. In order to ensure the stable operation of the generator in desert, salt fog, vibration, overheating or electric noise and other harsh environments with plastic bags as the main material, the self-protection and diagnosis function of the generator is extremely important, so the on-site operator will carefully conduct daily inspection. The timeliness of daily inspection is extremely important. It requires employees to record operation data and send the data to the background data center server at the first time, which will analyze the data and actively monitor the generator system status. In the wind farm, the on-site operator using the reinforced tablet computer can establish a stable and convenient connection with the data center to realize data transmission and communication. In this way, not only the labor force of each work site is reduced, but also the time and cost are saved

food (meat) processing. As modern meat processing enterprises gradually move towards informatization and automation, the traditional methods of manually recording production line operation data have long been eliminated. At present, the top meat processing enterprises in China are deploying information automation systems from all departments, workshops and factories. Considering the harsh environment of meat and poultry production workshops, most of the computers used are required to be waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, oil proof and wide temperature work. Obviously, ordinary PCs and traditional industrial computers cannot meet the requirements. This requires a complete set of customized solutions for such customers. Special embedded tablet computers are most suitable for use in food production sites because of their compact structure, portability, small footprint, convenient installation and other advantages. From the statistical data, the purchase of tablet computers has increased sharply in recent years. The author believes that the future prospect of reinforced tablet computers in the food industry is promising

UAV. With the development of computer, artificial intelligence, autopilot and other high-tech, UAV has developed into a platform that can be used for reconnaissance, electronic jamming, battlefield target damage effect evaluation and other purposes. Due to the particularity of UAV application environment, higher requirements are put forward for the computer equipment related to its operation, detection and R & D. Changeable scene environment, complex regional environment, unpredictable emergencies, these are all things that ordinary computer equipment can't cope with. These products have fully caught up with and surpassed similar international products in terms of system calculation, system structure, system safety, system reinforcement and highly reliable materials. They have a number of highly reliable functions such as anti vibration, compression resistance, fall resistance, waterproof, dust-proof and anti electromagnetic interference. All indicators have reached or exceeded China's military standards, and can easily cope with applications in various harsh and complex environments. Unmanned air equipment is the trend of future development. In this cutting-edge field, we must have development capabilities, which can only rely on independence and self-reliance. Therefore, the research and development of unmanned aerial vehicles has attracted much attention for a long time. Like the development process of most confidential technologies, the research and development of UAVs are generally carried out in harsh environments to test whether UAVs have the performance of resisting extreme environments. As an indispensable computer equipment in the R & D equipment system, it also has to stand the test of the harsh R & D environment, and the rugged portable computer is undoubtedly the best choice for R & D personnel

more application fields will not be described here one by one. To sum up, passenger car manufacturers with six brands in the field of national defense are a stable and large-scale response to the reinforcement of computers

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