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Cao Dewang, Fuyao Glass: talking about marriage life

my current wife is a married couple. She has never read a book. Her name is chenfengying. She is very nice. For decades, she has cooked and helped me manage my children. She doesn't even answer. She thinks her colloquial words are bad, so she doesn't answer. She's afraid that others will laugh at her. I bought her clothes and shoes, and I bought all the tools at home. She won't buy tools. However, all the industries of my family are now under her name, and she is also the chairman of my holding company. It is all hers, not mine. People say that this company is caodewang's, but in fact it is my wife's from the perspective of law enforcement relations. Why should I make such a decoration? This is because before I got rich, I once hesitated about marriage

I am 57 years old this year. It has been decades since I got married at the age of 23. As the saying goes, "you can cross the boat in a hundred years, and sleep in a thousand years", which means that you should cherish each other and not change easily. The inner principle is also what I gradually realized later

when my wife married me, she was still a girl. Our union was completely the order of parents and the words of matchmakers. Before marriage, the two of us didn't even meet. We only saw a small photo, so we didn't experience the process of falling in love. That year was 1969. We were very poor and lived a hard life. My mother was ill again, so my family wanted me to get married first and find a wife to take care of my mother. I allowed it, that's it

as soon as we got married, I sold all her dowry. She didn't complain at all. She thought that if she married you, you would have the final say. We have been married for more than 30 years. She has always been like this. No matter how hard it is, she will not complain. She has a quarter of Malay descent and is very simple. When I get married, the dowry is sold out, and all the money is given to me as capital. She serves my sick mother at home, and I run business outside. There is little time for two people to be together all year round. This is our "newlyweds", not to mention romance. "Poor couples have everything to mourn". Only when I have some experience can I know the ups and downs inside, so we are suffering couples

after I sold her dowry, I had some money, which was my initial capital in doing business. Then I planted white fungus first, and then took it to Jiangxi to sell it. A round trip can earn 700 or 800 yuan. Running around like this, I didn't expect to run to the fourth time, and the goods were deducted by others. Not only the capital was lost, but also the village people owed more than 1000 yuan. What else would the woman cry

after that, many people came to me for debt, and all the tools that could be sold at home were sold. Finally, there was only a small room left. I said to those who came to ask for debt, "if you can take it, take it."

at this time, someone from the production team came to me again. They said that I went to do business and owed volunteer work for the reservoir for about 20 working days. If I didn't do it, I would have to pay 3.5 yuan a day according to one work, and I would be more than 100 yuan. I think I have nothing to do at home. I can earn 3.5 yuan a day by doing a job. It's better to work. The effect did not expect that no one in the whole production team was willing to do it, so I did it alone, that is, I went to work for others, and sold it to them at a price of 3.5 yuan a day for improving the compressive strength

the construction site is far away. Before I leave, I will take my wife to her house. She has a woman with a child, her husband is not around, and her family is as poor as a rag. So I said to her, "I have nothing now, only one person left. If I really can't, you can marry again." My mother-in-law said, "you talk nonsense. You are so wise that you will overcome the difficulties. Don't worry about going back. I'll take your wife and children with me."

my wife and I have such an emotional mediocrity. No matter how good or bad you are, she trusts you, and she never beats or scolds me. When I was young, I once met another woman who made me want to throw away my family. It was the end of 70 and the beginning of 80 years when I met in Mingxi. At that time, I wrote to my wife, who was not familiar with words. My sister read the letter to her. Then when I got home, she saw me and just said, "I know I'm not good enough for you, and I know you'll leave. If you do leave, then leave the house and three children for me." After hearing this, I was very sad. I admitted that I was sorry for my wife

I admit that time is very painful. At that time, our life has been greatly improved, not as tight as when we first got married. However, although I made some money in marketing, I'm just a prosperous farmer. There is no enterprise that can be called a career like this. At that time, I fell in love with a woman, she is my girlfriend, that is true love. She did a lot of things for me in order to help me. At that time, she was very young, about twenty-four or five years old. She was married and had two children. We were very involved and thought we had found a lifelong confidant. But what year was that? At the beginning of the 1980s, especially in places like Fuqing, it is conceivable how much pressure she had. But she was very brave. Some of her good sisters knew about me and her. Those sisters persuaded her and said, "Why are you so? Who is hard to find? Find a farmer, thin and black." She said to the sisters, "we can talk. I believe he is a special person. He will make great achievements in the future."

I am faced with a choice. On the one hand, my hairy wife, who has silently dedicated so many years and suffered so much, is simple and kind-hearted, and will always trust me unconditionally; The other side is my confidante. We have deep-seated feelings and common language. I'm really depressed. I don't know how to go in the future. After that, I went to observe and know others' lives

I selected 100 representative couples, including workers, doctors, cadres, teachers and bosses. I found that it was not that I was dissatisfied with my family alone, but that none of the 100 couples was satisfied with their family. What makes me feel the most is a friend of Fuzhou water meter factory. He and his wife are two people, one is the section chief, the other is the league cadre. They are talented and beautiful. They have been in love for three years before they get married. In my opinion, their zero switch should be extremely happy. I didn't expect that every family has a difficult lesson to read. After I became good friends with them, I often drank and talked deeply. Only then did I know that both of them were not very satisfied with their families. The two people blamed each other, no less than mine

it was 1980. I make statistics on the marriage samples I can collect. Thermal conductive composites are increasingly used in aerospace, national defense, consumer goods, electronics, transportation and other industries. The conclusion is that no family is absolutely happy

so I first thought, why is this? Finally, I figured out - two people, from different families, have different education, so they will form their own different views. The time of falling in love may be to seek common ground while reserving differences. Once they really live together, there will be many problems. So I think that the word happiness is almost the same, that is, there are eating and drinking, children and grandchildren, but if you think deeply, is there absolute happiness in the world? No, so there will be no absolutely happy family and absolutely perfect marriage. In this case, I don't think I need to think about changing my family anymore. It's useless to change 1000 again

these are things of the past. Now the woman has become a grandmother. However, referring to this past, I will still feel very sad. There are always many sad things in life, and no effort can be stopped. Experience more, the heart will be tenacious, people will be rich. Sometimes, when I hear someone say, "behind every successful man, there is a woman supporting him", I will feel very sad. Although my original girlfriend and I didn't get together in the end, my happiness now has a certain relationship with her

the most significant change in my life was in Mingxi, where I met her and gave up her. But at that time, I secretly swore in my heart that I must fight for her in my life, so that when her sisters mentioned her, they could say that she loved a decent person, a person worthy of love

After that, I went back to my hometown to concentrate on running my glass factory. Maybe because of this mood, I put all my spirit on this career

there is a popular saying in society now, which is "men will become bad if they have money, and women will become bad if they have money". I don't think this is absolute, it's a matter of people's heart. My childhood life was very hard. During the three years of natural disaster, my mother was starving to death, and she didn't get worse. She used to be a lady, and she was also very beautiful. As for men, if a man has a good heart and a sense of home, in our hometown's words, "his four feet are eaten by others, and his heart is at home", this is certain

for me, I think family is a haven. Two people have never met before and then become a family, under the same roof, this is fate, we should cherish harmony

real happiness lies not in family, but in career. People who do business should never give up their career for a woman. This is my view. I have another view, that is, there should be true feelings between men and women as usual, like me and my wife. Although we have little time to exchange feelings until now, we have experienced so many things together! This is emotion. When I was chased by others to sell my house, she still trusted me. With me, now that I am developed, she trusts me regardless of how rich I am. This is a consistent emotion. Many emotions are not real emotions, because they are not built on a solid foundation

my daughter just got married. I'm afraid that people will marry her because she has my rich father, so I don't agree. I told my daughter: he graduated from Xiamen University and is very handsome. His father is still a director of the Provincial Education Commission. Will he marry you with such good conditions? You're not an undergraduate

now, in order to prove that my statement is wrong, their husband and wife earn their own living in Australia, working and opening stores. In fact, the purpose of my doing this is to clarify the purpose of that boy marrying my daughter. It's good for them that I put pressure on them. Although according to our customs, my daughter is married and headed by a man, my property does not refuse her a share because she is a daughter

I'm old now. I'll travel around the world in a few years after I quit doing business. I think maybe one day I will write all my life experiences into a book for future generations to learn from

now, people often ask

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