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Enter the new channel of real estate, small I robot and Longhu blue ocean engine to upgrade business intelligence services

recently, small I robot and Longhu blue ocean engine officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement to comprehensively integrate the advantageous resources of both sides, carry out the national layout and cooperation of intelligent solutions and landing services of commercial real estate, and through strategic cooperation in core intelligent product fields such as knowledge fusion platform, intelligent interaction platform and intelligent voice platform, We will integrate the upgrading and innovation ecology of Longhu blue ocean engine to enable science and technology, help the digital development strategy of Longhu blue ocean engine, and comprehensively deploy the intelligent services of blue ocean engine to achieve common development

as a customer-centered space construction service enterprise, Longhu group has been among the Fortune 500 in China for 11 consecutive years and the top 10 comprehensive strength of Chinese real estate development enterprises for 9 consecutive years. Its Longhu blue ocean engine is the exclusive brand of Longhu group's innovation and industry city business. It focuses on providing efficient and digital office space services for enterprise growth, sharing digital means in combination with cloud services, providing a productivity factor integration platform for industrial upgrading and providing comprehensive solutions for industry city integration

as a representative enterprise of low-level China's cognitive intelligence business, small I robot has independent intellectual property rights of a number of core AI technologies, and has implemented a complete intelligent service system in government affairs, finance, customer contact centers, medical and other fields. The combination of the two is the best practice to make full use of scientific and technological forces to empower traditional real estate business, realize the cross-border integration and in-depth application of artificial intelligence and commercial real estate, achieve the upgrading of real estate business service mode and business mode innovation, and enhance digital competitiveness

in this strategic cooperation, small I robot will not only provide technological empowerment for Longhu blue ocean engine, but also provide intelligent solutions around ai+ customers' expensive business contact centers, ai+ governments, ai+ enterprises and other sectors. It will also enhance the advantages of Longhu blue ocean engine in new projects, carry out intelligent layout nationwide in advance, and greatly save later project time and construction costs

both parties said that after signing the contract, they would give full play to their respective advantages, rapidly deploy and integrate scientific and technological forces, work together to promote the construction and development of smart services in future commercial real estate, and create a better life for customers

about Longhu group and blue ocean engine

Longhu group was founded in 1993 on the celebration of non ferromagnetic materials such as silver, cadmium, chromium, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zinc and so on. It has developed nationwide, covering four major main channel businesses: real estate development, commercial operation, rental housing, intelligent services, and actively testing innovative fields such as water pension, industry and city. By the end of June 2020, the group's business has spread across five regions and more than 50 cities across the country. The group has won the fortune China 500 for 11 consecutive years and the top 10 comprehensive strength of Chinese real estate development enterprises for 9 consecutive years. It has been selected as one of the top 50 best listed companies in Forbes Asia Pacific for three times and has been listed as one of the top 2000 Forbes Global listed companies for three consecutive years

blue ocean engine is the exclusive brand of Longhu group's innovation and industrial city business. Blue ocean engine takes the industrial space as the carrier, gives full play to the traditional development advantages of Longhu group, integrates the internal and external innovation resources of Longhu group, and creates an innovation platform for office, industrial upgrading, and the integrated development of industry and city. It is one of the new business channels of Longhu group for the future

about small I robots

small I robots are a representative cognitive intelligence business landing enterprise in China. Since its establishment in 2001, it has focused on the independent research and development and commercial implementation of cognitive intelligence related technologies based on natural language processing. With strong human-computer cognitive interaction ability, it has been known as the representative of conversational AI enterprises by Gartner and is renowned all over the world. Through core intelligent products such as intelligent interactive platform, intelligent voice platform, knowledge fusion flat symptom: lower collet rise and fall insensitive platform, xiaoi has provided comprehensive intelligent solutions and landing services for dozens of industries such as customer contact center, finance, government affairs, medical treatment, etc. around customer service. It is also one of the first companies in China to practice the marketization application of intelligent customer service. At present, small I serves hundreds of enterprises, and has a leading market share in many vertical industries, with more than 800million end customers

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