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"Soaring" new forces of car making: one day, more than a dozen products are sold, and the safety frequency steps on thunder

recently, new energy vehicles have been highly sought after in the capital market, and the performance of concept stocks in several new forces of car making is particularly prominent. Among them, Xiaopeng soared by nearly 80% in a week, and Weilai's market value is still rising after breaking the $50billion mark, catching up with the market value of BMW, general motors and other traditional automobile groups

what is the offline situation of the new car building forces in full swing on the Internet? Zhongxin Jingwei visited some stores and learned that the recent delivery volume has been rising, and more people have booked test drives than before. Sales also said that customers who came to see the car last year were often afraid to order the car because they were afraid of going bankrupt, but this year there is no such phenomenon

it is worth noting that on the other hand, the new forces of car making have frequently stepped on the issue of product safety recently. Some experts pointed out that at present, the development of the industry is still facing a new round of reshuffle. At the same time, there is still a distance between the delivery volume of car enterprises and the formation of economies of scale

the share prices and sales volume of the first three companies rose simultaneously

according to a recent CCTV financial report, affected by the new policy of license plate restrictions outside Shanghai, new energy car stores in Shanghai ushered in a passenger flow boom. An ideal car salesperson said that the number of customers who came to see the car test drive in the store recently doubled compared with September. On average, they can sell 30 new energy vehicles a day on weekends, which was rarely seen before

for new energy vehicles, another policy dividend is the new energy vehicle industry development plan (year) (hereinafter referred to as the plan) recently issued by the general office of the State Council. The plan points out that by 2025, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China will reach about 20% of the total sales volume of new vehicles

according to the data of China Automobile Industry Association, the overall sales volume of new energy vehicles in the first three quarters of this year was 734000, accounting for only 4.3% of the total sales volume of 17.116 million vehicles. This also means that the future prospect of new energy vehicle sales is huge

the relevant news first caused repercussions in the capital market, and the concept stocks of the three new forces of car making have ushered in "high light moments" one after another. According to the statistics of China news, as of November 8, the latest market values of Weilai, Xiaopeng and ideal were $56.2 billion, $25.1 billion and $22.1 billion respectively. Among them, the cumulative weekly increase of Xiaopeng was as high as 79.62%. Weilai's market value has continued to rise since breaking the $50billion mark on the 4th. At present, its market value has surpassed traditional automobile groups such as BMW and general motors, with an annual cumulative increase of 935.57%

on the other hand, the sales volume of the three new forces also frequently set new records after exceeding 10000 vehicles. From January to October 2020, the ideal cumulative sales of Weilai, Xiaopeng and Xiaopeng were 31430, 17117 and 21852 respectively. In October, the year-on-year sales volume of Xiaopeng increased by 229%, and Weilai also doubled by 00.1% of the first production line

Dongxing Securities pointed out that the "plan" generally adheres to the development direction of electrification, networking and intelligence, and the positioning and layout of the head new force car enterprises are in line with it. In addition, the market share of the leading new forces is gradually increasing, and the growth of the new energy vehicle industry in the future will provide it with greater market space

offline: from being questioned to "counter attack"

behind a series of "hot" report cards, what is the situation of offline stores of new forces of car building? Recently, chinanews Jingwei visited some stores in Beijing. The sales of the above-mentioned new forces all said that the sales volume of stores has continued to grow in recent months, and the number of people who came to inquire and make an appointment for test drive has also increased significantly than before

it coincides with the weekend. Customers are flocking to a Xiaopeng auto store in Beijing, and the negotiation table is almost full of people. Sales Chen Zhong (a pseudonym) said that if the water molecules are shown in blue, it is estimated that they can't wait for the test drive on the day of appointment, and there are a lot of people queuing recently, so we must make an appointment in advance

an ideal car salesman who has just joined the company for half a year told Zhongxin Jingwei that he only refreshed his turnover last month and sold 11 cars on the most day. And now, with more and more people buying cars, old car owners are beginning to recommend guests. He expects that the sales volume this month will also be considerable

last year, Li Bin, CEO of Weilai automobile, was praised as "the worst person in 2019". This year, good news has been coming from Weilai automobile in terms of financing, sales volume and market value. A Weilai car salesman used "counter attack" to describe the transformation during this period. Talking about the soaring share price of Weilai this year, the salesperson also said with a smile: "if you bought Weilai's shares earlier, you would have earned enough money to buy a car."

on the 6th, Weilai automobile released a 100kwh battery pack, with the energy density increased by 37%, and the vehicle's range also increased synchronously. Previously, Weilai's battery was equipped with a 70kwh battery pack as standard. According to the above sales introduction, if a new battery was selected, the vehicle cost would increase by 58000 yuan. Due to the rapid technological upgrading of new energy vehicles, he said that many customers are always hesitant, so it's better to wait now

"In the past, what we did more was to alleviate customers' anxiety about mileage and charging. Now the battery life, charging and power exchange technology are improving. Customers no longer worry about whether it is enough, but whether they can buy better. In fact, manufacturers also consider these issues, and there will be many synchronous upgrading activities for old car owners. On the other hand, we can see that the industry of new energy vehicles has developed to another stage, pursuing Higher quality products and services. " The above sales said

in the past two years, the high attention of the new forces of car making has attracted some doubts, and Chen Zhong also has feelings. He has worked in traditional 4S stores for several years, and believes that the biggest difference is that the location of traditional 4S stores is generally remote, so guests who specially come to see the car generally have intention to buy the car, and the transaction rate is also high. New force stores are mostly in popular business districts, so many guests first came to know with curiosity. They often heard problems in addition to brands and models, as well as various negative messages

"because we are also an emerging industry, it is often consumers who educate us, and we also attach great importance to this voice." Chen Zhong recalled that during the most turbulent period of the industry, many friends and businessmen went from prosperity to decline, even for a few months. Now, seeing that consumers' awareness of their own brands is getting higher and higher, he is also slowly building up confidence. "Last year, many customers came to see the car and asked if we were going to close down. Now I haven't heard this question."

attention: product safety problems occur frequently

under all kinds of positive signs, has the new force of car making taken a firm foothold in the automotive industry? Caohe, President of all connected vehicle business investment management (Beijing) Co., Ltd., said in an interview with the China News Jingwei client that the recent surge in the share price of new forces is speculation in the capital market, and one of the important reasons is the power of Tesla's example

according to the data of companiesmarketcap, a global ranking station of listed companies' market value, as of November 4, the total market value of 34 listed car companies in the world was as high as $1.5 trillion. Among them, Tesla, Weilai, ideal and Xiaopeng have a total market value of nearly $500billion, accounting for 32%. The market value of Tesla has exceeded $400billion

in addition, although Chen Zhong has got rid of the pressure of being "closed down", there are only a few such cases in the industry. Since the beginning of this year, many new forces of car manufacturing, such as byton, Bojun, sailin, and Qianjin, are still struggling with the lack of wages, the formation of a carbonized layer on its surface, and the suspension of production

Zhang Xiang, an analyst in the automotive industry, told the chinanews Jingwei client that the release of the "plan" will inevitably bring benefits to the development of new forces in car manufacturing. At the same time, the competition will become more intense. The industry will accelerate the reshuffle, and some small-scale enterprises with low technical level will soon be eliminated

Cao he believes that the new forces of car making who can be listed will have a chance to live. After Wei Lai, ideal and Xiaopeng successively landed in US stocks this year. Weima, Hezhong, Tianji, Aichi and Zero run also heard the news of IPO. Many analysts have predicted that only a few of the new forces of car building will survive in the end. "Those who rank after fifth or sixth are basically out of play." Cao he said

however, at present, car companies that have or are close to "landing" also frequently have product safety problems. On the 6th, ideal automobile announced the recall of 10469 ideal one. For vehicles within the scope of recall, due to the design of the ball pin decoupling force of the lower arm of the front suspension, the ball pin of the lower arm of the front suspension may disengage when the vehicle is impacted by a collision, which may affect the control of the vehicle. In extreme cases, it will increase the risk of accidents and have potential safety hazards

for this recall, ideal automobile issued a letter of apology on the same day. Before that, ideal car was exposed to many axle breaking accidents, but ideal car has always called the "recall" treatment "hardware upgrade", which has aroused doubts from insiders. Ideal automobile said in the letter of apology, "its statement does not conform to the industry and public awareness."

during the interview, ideal car sales said that the customers who came to consult recently were indeed very concerned about the recall. He has repeatedly stressed that the previous axle breaks are not all caused by the vehicle itself. In addition, all the vehicles in the current batch have been upgraded to the latest hardware

Zhang Xiang believes that the recall itself is a normal behavior, but ideal car initially reduced the severity of the problem with the words of "hardware upgrade", which also attracted public criticism. "Now in the period of opportunity, this matter will inevitably have a certain impact. It also reminds the industry that problems in products should be faced up to and corrected in time, so as to win the understanding and trust of consumers."

another company that has been hotly discussed recently is Weima automobile. On October 28, Weima automobile announced the recall of 1282 electric vehicles due to the risk of fire in the power battery due to impurities mixed by the battery supplier in the production process. Previously, Weima has been exposed by the media four fires in a row within a month, and has not made a public explanation of the cause of the fire

Zhang Xiang also said that now, Tesla's domestic speed is advancing rapidly, and the product price is also constantly exploring. At present, several domestic leading new forces are still facing problems such as single product matrix, delivery volume has not yet reached economies of scale, and there is still a long way to go

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