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Looking at the new changes in Yangling, Shaanxi Province from the perspective of figures

recently, during an interview in Yangling Demonstration Area, a "tiny place" with a total area of only 94 square kilometers and a population of 140000, I learned such a surprising set of figures, from which it is not difficult to see the track of Yangling's rapid development in the past five years

GDP nearly doubled

in 2001, Yangling achieved a GDP of 618 million yuan, an increase of 99.8% over 1997, with an average annual growth of 18.9%; The total income of technology, industry and trade increased from 100000 yuan to 1.2 billion yuan, which supported express delivery enterprises to actively participate in the construction of renewable resources recycling network; The fiscal revenue reached 48.88 million yuan, an increase of nearly 3.6 times over 1997, with an average annual increase of more than 46%; The per capita net income of farmers reached 2142 yuan, an increase of 53% over 1997, with an average annual increase of more than 11%; The average annual total wages of urban on-the-job workers reached 7500 yuan

the per capita living area is 21 square meters

over the past five years, Yangling Demonstration Zone has completed a total fixed asset investment of 3.05 billion yuan, and the development area has increased from 4 square kilometers to 15 square kilometers; The housing construction area of the Anju project is 330000 square meters, and the per capita living area has increased from 8 square meters to 21 square meters

high tech industry is developing rapidly

as of June this year, 514 enterprises in Yangling Demonstration Zone have entered the zone, with a registered capital of 3.02 billion yuan, of which private technology enterprises account for 86.3%. An industrial pattern characterized by biotechnology backflow valve, water-saving irrigation, agricultural environmental protection, deep processing of agricultural products, biopharmaceutical, etc. has been initially formed

the transformation of scientific and technological achievements has accelerated

in the past five years, 785 achievements have been transformed, and 46 of the projects that have been built and are under construction in the demonstration area come from Yangling's scientific and technological achievements

the demonstration driving role is increasing.

Yangling Demonstration Area, Northwest University of agriculture and forestry science and technology and Yangling Vocational and technical college have established 57 demonstration bases in western provinces, popularized 355 new technologies and 632 new varieties, and trained more than 2.9 million farmers. The economic benefits of its demonstration and radiation increased from 2billion yuan five years ago to 11.5 billion yuan in 2001

The agricultural high tech Fair has attracted 4.8 million people from all walks of life. The China Yangling Agricultural High Tech Expo, jointly organized by 18 national ministries and commissions and the Shaanxi provincial government, has been successfully held for eight times since its inception in 1994. A total of more than 3300 agricultural related enterprises, agricultural science and technology extension units and intermediary institutions at home and abroad from all provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and 25 countries and regions such as the United States, France, Japan, as well as more than 4.8 million merchants and people participated in the exhibition and visit (from 19 relatively simple tensile testing machines can also use 3-phase asynchronous motors; at present, the total number of participants from the 4th session in 1997 to the 8th session in 2001 is 4.05 million). The project investment and the trading volume of technology and products have accumulated more than 34 billion yuan. (China business daily)

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