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Canon recently launched five large format printers

recently, at the 2006 Canon large format new product press conference held in Guangzhou, Dade company launched a new large format inkjet printer "imageprogr" which uses 12 color pigment ink to make high-quality image printing possible. Our hardness tester features: AF series "ipf9000", "ipf5000" and "ipf700/ipf600/ipf500" a total of five products

based on the "Lucia" 12 color pigment ink system and the high-density print head technology fine (full photolithographyinkjet nozzleengineering), 2560 nozzles per color, a total of 30720 nozzles, eject a minimum of 4PL of extremely small ink droplets, thus reaching 2400 × 1200dpi, the highest resolution of the same level. Equipped with high-speed image processor "l-coa", it realizes the synchronous improvement of high image quality and high-speed output. Moreover, through the use of RGB (red, green, blue) three characteristic inks and two gray inks, which are the same as the three primary colors of light, the color reproducibility of a wider color gamut, clearer and brighter color performance and a higher sense of hierarchy are realized. For the flagship product of "imageprogram" series "I above is the use and functional characteristics of anchor fatigue testing machine pf9000" introduced to you by our technicians, the use of 700ml and 330ml optional high-capacity ink boxes, the loading of high-capacity hard disk, the standard configuration of automatic roll paper receiver, the use of large LCD operation panel, etc, It provides stable high reliability and high operability for users with a large number of output requirements

the new large format inkjet printer "ipf700/ipf600/ipf500" corresponds to A0 +, a1 +, A2 + format width respectively. The 5-color "impermeable new dye pigment mixed ink" is adopted, which is the addition of rough black pigment ink on the basis of the newly developed 4-color high durability dye ink. At the same time, it is loaded with high-density print head technology "fine" and a new high-speed image processor "l-coa". The comprehensive application of the above technologies realizes the synchronous improvement of high image quality and high-speed output. Based on the application of "impermeable ink technology", the diffusion phenomenon of color dye ink can be effectively reduced. In addition, the "new text, line sharpening processing technology" which can clearly print black words and lines should take double samples for experimental technology. The number of nozzles for black ink on CAD, posters and posters is 5120, and 2560 nozzles for each other color, a total of 15360 nozzles, Equipped with a real 1200dpi high-precision print head, it realizes the high-speed output of A0 format for 1.1 minutes. At the same time, 130ml large capacity ink box and four paper feeding methods provide the possibility of high productivity and high operability

in this era of rapid digital development in the new century, dada realizes the great potential of professional digital production in various fields. They will look at the whole field of digital production and strive to become the operator of digital production. Many people choose domestic electromechanical business

the superior brand-new imageprogram series "ipf9000", "ipf5000" and "ipf700/ipf600/ipf500" and the popular ografw6400/w8400 are seven models, which cooperate with the perfect digital production process provided by Dade for relevant industries: advertising spray painting production process, image production process, prepress proofing production process, artwork production process, silk plate production scheme, stereoscopic painting and instant change painting production process The production process of line drawings and effect drawings will change people's consistent understanding of large format printers, lead the new trend of large format printing, bring unprecedented business opportunities for various industries, and have a far-reaching impact

source: China Packaging News

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