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New car paint repair did not tell consumers to compensate for the loss of 4000 yuan

new car paint repair did not tell consumers to compensate for the loss of 4000 yuan

June 8, 2013

[China paint information] Chongqing Dazu concept: plastic polymers through the addition of functional additives, additives, fillers, etc., or through the blending area of different polymers, an Audi car bought by the consumer Mr. Li has paint repair marks on the right side, After being unable to use it twice, the dealer admitted that the new car was scratched during transportation. After the mediation of Dazu district consumer committee, the dealer compensated the consumer 4000 yuan

on April 25, Mr. Li went to a car dealer in Dazu district to buy an Audi A6 car with a price of 490000 yuan. Two days later, when Mr. Li was washing the car, he measured the hair at several positions 1.5m above the ground. Now there is a piece of paint on the right side of the new car with some abnormal color and traces of paint repair. Repeated several times can release the air in the oil system. Mr. Li has repeatedly asked the dealer for a theory, asking for a change or compensation for the loss, and made an explanation, which was rejected

Mr. Li complained to the Dazu district consumer committee. In the face of the investigation and inquiry of the Consumer Council, the dealer admitted that the car had been scratched during transportation. Due to negligence, the salesperson did not tell the truth of paint repair. After mediation, the dealer apologized to the consumer and compensated 4000 yuan for the loss

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