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9840 touch dry medium speed continuous code printer

Marken 9840 contact ink wheel code printer is a code printer driven by DC motor, which can be used for continuous and intermittent packaging. The compact 9840 can be flexibly installed on most continuous or intermittent vertical or horizontal packaging machines. The 9840 is designed to print dates and batches on packaging films or labels, with a printing area of 38,1 mm x 47,7 mm (1.5 "x 1.88) and a printing speed of up to 400 packets/minute. That is, when the speed of dry ink is up to 102 M/min, it can still dry immediately when it contacts the packaging material. The design of 9840 meets the safety standards of Europe and North America.

the unique mounting bracket makes it easier to match. Maken's mounting bracket makes the installation of the 9840 very simple and does not require expensive and sophisticated mounting hardware. The stand allows you to easily set the printing position. The support can also help you minimize the need to change the direction of the packaging film, and make the packaging film easier to pass through. 9800 series printer is the third generation ink wheel printer, with a global installed capacity of more than 40000

minimum downtime. The 9840 code printer does not need daily maintenance. It is designed to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

the printing cost is low. The cost of one line of coding is 0 per thousand. $02. There is no missing print, and the printing direction is easy to change. No ribbon, no ribbon breaking trouble. It only takes a few seconds to replace the word and ink wheel. Two types of word particles are provided to meet axial and radial printing

it is simple to install, set up and operate. The quick mount bracket simplifies the installation process and eliminates the need for complex setup procedures. Once installed, just replace the ink wheel and self granulation. 9840 code printer does not need any power from the main packaging machine (such as chain, transmission belt, gear)

it is easy to repair and service. The system status and diagnostic information are displayed on the LCD window, which is easy to continuously monitor and diagnose problems. It is easy to connect to the control box and all system components. 9. The shell of the experimental machine must be safely grounded. Microcomputer control system has many diagnostic functions

9840 code printer performs tensile tests on most ordinary paper materials and packaging materials, rib steel and other bars; Universal tensile testing machine, round sample jaw 26 (4) 0mm1 pair, suitable for round steel with a diameter of 26 (4) 0mm, ribbed steel and other day compressive strength, and various bars with a range of gear are selected for tensile tests; The material has a clear, readable and dry printing effect. It only takes a few seconds to replace the words and ink wheel without tools, and it will not be as dirty as the wet ink wheel, so it needs cleaning. That is, dry ink is a hot-melt mixture. At room temperature, the ink wheel is hard, dry and clean. They won't splash, spill and make a mess. That is, dry ink is non-toxic and solvent free. Simple and reliable, your makken inkwheel coder can print thousands of products without any problem and save your maintenance costs at the same time

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