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Achievements in the development of plastic machinery in 2001

according to the requirements on reporting the completion of the main economic indicators of plastic machinery industry enterprises in 2001, relevant enterprises have made a number of achievements in the development of new equipment in 2001. Nine enterprises have reported information, and 107 new equipment have been developed

Ningbo Haitian Co., Ltd.: 14 new equipment, including htf2800x injection molding machine, htg250 injection molding machine, htf200x injection molding machine (variable pump), htk88 injection molding machine, htka58 injection molding machine, htfa300x injection molding machine, htfa450x injection molding machine, htwa280 injection molding machine, htwa328 injection molding machine, htwa380 injection molding machine, htka880 injection molding machine, htd88 injection molding machine, htj150 variable frequency injection molding machine, htf360x-pet injection molding machine

Shunde Zhende Plastic Machinery Factory Co., Ltd.: cj80m3v, cj120m3v, cj150m3v, CJ1 was established in 2004. 80m3v, cj250m3v, cj300m3v, cj380m3v, cj480m3v, cj600m3vv series variable pump injection molding machines, cj80m3, cj110m3, cj120m3, cj150m3, cj180m3, cj250m3, cj300m3, cj380m3, cj480m3, cj600m3, cj750m3, cj1000m3, cj1300m3, cj1600m3, cj2000m3, cj2500m3 series rod injection molding machines, cjh30s, CJ H55s Cjh85s, cjh130s, cjh160ss series full hydraulic high-speed precision injection molding machines and other 30 kinds of new equipment

Ningbo Haida Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.: hde108, HD with the development of science and technology, E138, hde428, hde880 injection molding machine and other four new equipment

Wenzhou Lucheng Guangming Plastic Machinery Factory: gmg1800, gmg2000 thermosetting machine injection machine, gm3400, gm4500 injection molding machine, gml120, gml200 vertical injection molding machine, szl300r vertical disk injection molding machine and other 7 kinds of new equipment

Guangxi Guigang Machinery Factory: sz-63/500, sz-95/500 fully automatic computer-controlled injection molding machine and other two new equipment

Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd.: scj50b, scjc500 × 6 plastic extrusion blow molding hollow molding machine, qcws001, qcws002 drip irrigation belt production line and other four new equipment

Nanjing process equipment factory: tszy-2000 gantry pay off frame, tfzy-2000 gantry pay off frame, tszb-1000 pay off frame, tuz-800 pay off frame, qdv-50kg, 100kg, 200kg, 2500kg, 3200kg pneumatic tractor, qdvw-15 crawler tractor, tsgeb-500 pay off frame, tfgb-500 active pay off frame, spy-800 swing pay off, sfxy800 active pay off, tsgeb630 double disc pay off frame, qld-680 tractor, Djy-500 pair winch, tspb-1000 swing arm active pay off frame, tfpb-1000 swing arm take-up frame, tsgy-500 single reel winder, tqp-800, 1000 wheel belt traction, tfzb-1250 shaftless pay off frame, lzc150-400 wire storage tension device, czj550-800 magnetic powder tension device, wz-220 horizontal wire passing frame, sjsz-z200a four screw extruder, sj120 × 25、150 × 25L、90 × 20、65 × 20、200 × 25 extruder and other 30 kinds of new equipment

zhongyun Machinery Co., Ltd.: three kinds of new equipment, including ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene extrusion unit, steel plastic composite pipe production line, large-diameter high-density polyethylene double wall corrugated pipe production line, etc

Jiangxia marine diesel engine plant: shape skeleton plastic composite pipe injection machine jd500-80... Put the samples into the two fixtures of the experimental machine 0, j500-500, jd400-650, j400-350, jd300-350, jd200-200, g300-1000, j300-250, g200-550, j200-160, g125-300, jd125-120, j125-80 and other 13 new equipment

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