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Advantech and netlogic microsystems launched 40 Gbps advanced ATCA network platform

China industrial control industrial control information Advantech and netlogic microsystems launched 40 Gbps advanced ATCA network platform

Advantech, On August 31, 2010, Advantech, the world's leading manufacturer of Telecom Computing blades and multi-core networking platforms, and netlogic Microsystems, Inc. [nasdaq: netl], the world's leading provider of high-performance intelligent semiconductor solutions for the next generation of Internet, will jointly launch a 40 Gbps advanced ATCA platform product. This network platform adopts XLP multi-core and multi-threaded processors from netlogic Microsystems, which supports 64 nxcpus, knowledge-based processors and 10GE PHY solutions

Advantech atca-7410 supports the new 40 Gbps ATCA network platform standard and can be used in LTE enhanced upgraded packet core (EPC), service router, Metro Ethernet, access integration, Mobile Backhaul system and network security platform. Since the previous packetarium products used XLR multi-core processors from netlogic microsystems and achieved great success, this time atca-7410 improved the packet processing performance of Advantech ATCA products, which can provide better expansion for OEMs. When worn to a certain extent, it will show defects and availability, and then produce advanced network equipment products

each atca-7410 blade incredibly includes 64 nxcpu processors in XLP series, 128 knowledge-based processor engines in nl11k series and multiple nlp1342 10GE phys, so it can provide users with a set of solutions with excellent performance in performance, function, power consumption and cost savings. This advanced ATCA system is designed to meet the needs of OEMs and can support up to 14 blade systems in one chassis, so the total processing capacity of each chassis is increased to 500 Gbps

Eddie Lai, director of Advantech business development department, said that the atca-7410 design adopts the most advanced technology of netlogic microsystems board production. Atca-7410 represents a new breakthrough of ATCA series products, which can provide the best processing performance and the shortest waiting time for Tier-1 OEMs on each traffic packet to ensure predictable network behavior and reduce R & D bottlenecks

Chris o Reilly, deputy director of marketing department of netlogic microsystem, said that we are glad to see that Advantech has combined our market leading products with its new atca-7410 platform to maximize the performance advantages of the equipment. The launch of Advantech's flagship atca-7410 platform system can bring great advantages to network equipment providers, for which we also congratulate

the core of atca-7410 solution is to use the best XLP processor in its class. This processor integrates 64 nxcpus, each of which can support a dominant frequency of up to 2.0 GHz and is based on an innovative superscalar engine that can support disorderly execution functions. Therefore, it can provide first-class data results and excellent control panel performance, and support hundreds of millions of data and packet descriptors in transmission. XLP kernel adopts four threads, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of R & D bottlenecks and the memory waiting time inherent in the application process of data panel processing. The 40nm XLP processor also provides complete uninstallation of various networking functions, including ipsec/ssl security functions, packet parsing, sorting, queuing, management, compression/decompression, storage, TCP segmentation, and IEEE1588 hardware timestamp

in order to make up for some shortcomings of 64 nxcpu, xlp832 multi-core and multi-threaded processor directly connects the 50 gb/s processing speed and low latency serial bus to nl11k knowledge-based processor, so that the CPU can access the 128 knowledge-based processor engine, the market leading product of netlogic Microsystems, at high speed, and then support advanced layer 24 stream classification, ipv4/ipv6 forwarding ACL security and quality of service (QoS) Regulation require 1.2 billion decisions per second. At the same time, nl11k also adopts TSMC 40 nm high-performance processing technology, so it can also provide the best core size, performance and power consumption characteristics

in order to improve the atca-7410 solution, the blade system also adopts a number of nlp1342 four port 10 GBE PHY devices produced by netlogic Microsystems, which can provide the best acceptance equalization and transmission pre enhancement technology in the same products, and reduce waiting time and signal jitter; In addition, the blade system provides longer cable distance support for 10/40/100 GBE applications. The equipment manufactured with advanced 40nm node technology can support direct connected biaxial copper wire and sr/lr optical cable, and can provide low power consumption of 0.5 W per channel, so it can be used in various energy-saving network equipment

samples of Advantech's atca-7410 networking platform will be released in the fourth quarter of 2010

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netlogic Microsystems (NASDAQ: NETL) is a world-renowned semiconductor manufacturer, mainly producing high-performance intelligent semiconductor devices for the next generation of Internet. The best products of netlogic microsystems can perform a variety of tasks, including accelerating complex network transmission, significantly improving the performance and functions of mobile wireless architecture for advanced 3g/4g, data center, enterprise, Metro Ethernet, and edge and core architectures. Netlogic microsystems' market leading product portfolio includes high-performance multi-core processors, content processors, network search engines, ultra-low power embedded processors and knowledge-based high-speed processors, as well as 10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet PHY solutions. These products are specially designed for various high-performance systems, such as switches, routers, wireless base stations, security devices, network storage devices, service switches and connected multimedia devices provided by OEMs. Netlogic Microsystems is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has offices and design centers in North America, Asia and Europe. For more product information of netlogic Microsystems, please call + or visit the netlogic microsystems website: improve patient compliance

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