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Advantech data acquisition module Adam

according to the 2012 industry report, the total sales of PLC last year reached 8.8 billion, of which small and medium-sized PLC reached 6.6 billion, accounting for 75% of the total sales. In such a huge PLC market, Advantech data acquisition module ADAM-4000 plays an important role

Advantech Adam (Advantech data acq and then loosen the nut uirement module) is the Advantech data acquisition module. Since its birth in 1992, it has a history of more than 20 years. Last year, the global sales reached more than 1.5 million

in 2008, Advantech ADAM-4000 began to enter the PLC market. Previously, the analog input/output expansion module of medium-sized PLC was expensive. ADAM-4000 series replaced small and medium-sized PLC analog acquisition, including AI, TC, RTD, etc., which greatly reduced the production cost of customers and won the support of a large number of customers

in 2013, Advantech provided a variety of solutions for small and medium-sized PLC market applications. According to the requirements of longitudinal load and transverse load borne by small PLC locks: field, Advantech ADAM-4000 new scheme was also born randomly. As a PLC Remote i/o, it has two outstanding advantages: low-cost decentralized data acquisition and breaking through the capacity of expanding analog data acquisition. The application effect of ADAM-4000 series is more obvious in automatic control occasions. Customers in this field often need to face the situation that there are many points of thermocouple acquisition. For example, for the temperature acquisition of glass tempering furnace, the temperature acquisition points vary according to the size of the furnace. Some customers consider using medium-sized PLC, CPU and i/o module acquisition, but the cost is high and difficult to accept, so they use Advantech ADAM-4000 series combined with s scheme, The multi-point acquisition requirements are realized, which greatly improves the work efficiency and saves the cost of customers

for medium-sized PLC, ADAM-4000 series products have several advantages such as centralized data acquisition and low cost, especially for thermocouple acquisition, which has leading industry advantages. According to statistics, each channel can help customers save 60% of the cost. Advantech ADAM-4000 is directly and seamlessly connected with CPU, greatly reducing the cost

according to different user needs, Advantech provides one-stop videos and technical documents, and users can obtain materials for free through Advantech officials or Advantech. ADAM-4000 series has been successfully and widely used in PLC market to help customers improve work efficiency and greatly reduce costs. Advantech will continue to provide users with the best solutions and services

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