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5kW diesel generator silent diesel generator

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5kW diesel generator silent diesel generator is mainly composed of diesel engine, generator and control system. There are two connection modes between diesel engine and generator, one is flexible connection, that is, connect the two parts with a coupling, and the other is rigid connection, which is formed by connecting the rigid connecting piece of generator with the diesel engine with high-strength bolts. At present, rigid connection is more used, and the diesel engine and generator are installed on the ground after they are connected On the chassis, various sensors, such as water temperature sensors, are equipped to display the operating status of the diesel engine to the operator. With these sensors, an upper limit can be set. When the limit is reached or exceeded, the control system will give an alarm in advance. At this time, if the operator does not take measures, the control system will automatically stop the unit, Diesel generator set is to take this way to protect itself The sensor receives and feeds back various information

detailed parameters of daze power to6800et-j

I Technical specification

Product number: to6800et-j

rated output kw: 5kW

maximum power kw: 5.5kW

rated frequency Hz: 50Hz

rated voltage v: 220

number of phases: single phase

start mode: electric start

power factor: 1.0

regulation mode: AVR (automatic voltage regulator)

engine technical parameters:

power model: 186fa

displacement: 430cc

type: horizontal bar air-cooled four stroke

cooling party resolutely eliminate polluting industries project type: up to several 10 tons, such as ordinary steel and other domestic largest electronic universal testing machine, the experimental force is 1000KN, Forced air cooling of level 1 unit

noise level dB (a) : 68

fuel supply mode: direct injection

speed regulation mode: electronic speed regulation

engine oil model: 15w/40cd

fuel oil model: 0 # light diesel oil

diesel oil tank: 15L

fuel consumption of the unit: 206g/kw h

lubricating oil tank: 1.6L

continuous operation time of the unit h:10

motor technical parameters:

motor model: to6800et-j

rated current a 22.7

insulation level: F level

other configurations:

Overall dimension of unit (L × B × H) : 850*520*700

unit weight (kg): 150

battery capacity: 12V 24ah

low oil pressure alarm system can automatically shut down the engine

electric starting ensures that the unit can be started quickly

the new automatic voltage regulator ensures the stable output of voltage

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long product development cycle; Lack of performance analysis tools

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