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The latest black technology! Goodyear Rubber Company of the United States launched 3D printing environment-friendly oxygene concept tire

Goodyear's latest concept tire appeared at the 2018 Geneva International Auto Show, providing the public with a more convenient, safer, more environmentally friendly and more sustainable forward-looking solution for urban transportation. The concept that the future has also been solved by using special engineering materials is really introduced into real life

the concept of tyres has not changed fundamentally for decades: they are round, they roll, and they support your car. A company has successfully manufactured composite materials with better quality and produced tires. These tires can be well controlled, stopped and high-quality. In this way, the errors caused by the weight of pistons, test pieces and fixtures can be eliminated. But Goodyear (Goodyear Rubber Company of the United States) has completely different ideas about the future of tires. It is a kind of tire that can clean the air and contain self-sufficiency: oxygene concept tire

this concept tire, called oxygene, has a unique structure, and the biggest highlight is the living moss growing in the tire wall. The unique tread design combined with this open structure enables the tire to cover many fields, absorb and circulate water from the road surface, so as to make the moss produce photosynthesis and release oxygen into the air

said Dr. Timothy Weber, vice president and general manager of HP 3D materials and advanced utilization "The total market for 3D printing is about $5billion to $6billion. It can be a real ally to deal with the air quality problems in metropolitan areas. Reviewing basic biology, moss sucks carbon dioxide and releases oxygen to create cleaner air for everyone. The tire company estimates that in a city with about 2.5 million cars in Paris, oxygene concept tires will generate about 3300 tons of oxygen and absorb about 4400 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

the company also promotes efficient manufacturing processes. Oxygene concept tires will be 3D printed with rubber powder made from recycled tires, which will reduce the pressure on natural resources. Goodyear also said that the tires are not pneumatic, so they are stab resistant

if the above attributes are not enough for you, I can tell you that the concept tire will even power its own electronic devices, including sensors, artificial intelligence devices and exquisite customizable LED light strips on the side wall. Photosynthesis generates electricity to power all components. The visible light communication system (i.e. lifi) will be connected with IOT, other vehicles and any intelligent infrastructure for V2I functions

oxygene concept tire means challenging our past thinking mode and imagining intelligent, safe and sustainable future travel. By bringing cleaner air in this way, this tire will help improve the quality of life and health of urban residents

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