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On March 26, the annual performance report released by dawn said that the company achieved an operating revenue of 4.422 billion yuan in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 61.67%; The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 855million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 414.51%; It is proposed to distribute cash dividends of 2 yuan (including tax) to all shareholders for every 10 shares

wangyouqing, the Secretary of the board of directors of the company, told securities, "in 2020, the company grasped the favorable policies and market opportunities. Technology research and development, capacity construction and industrial layout went hand in hand. The three main businesses developed well. The core competitiveness and overall scale of the company were further improved. If one test piece of operating performance failed to meet the requirements, it realized a substantial increase."

2020, the three major businesses of dawn thermoplastic elastomer, modified plastics and color masterbatch all achieved growth, and the company's performance achieved explosive growth. During the reporting period, dawn produced 283300 tons of modified plastics, achieving an operating income of 3.578 billion yuan, an increase of 80.18% year-on-year, laying a solid foundation for the performance explosion and sustainable development of dawn. The substantial growth of modified plastics was driven by the company's production capacity of anti epidemic materials melt blown materials (a kind of modified plastics)

"melt blown materials are important raw materials for the production of melt blown non-woven fabrics, which are called the 'heart' of medical masks." When the epidemic broke out in 2020, the demand for melt blown materials was strong. Dawn Co., Ltd. has accumulated technology and good reputation in the field of melt blown materials. The sales of melt blown materials of epidemic prevention materials of the company have increased significantly, which has helped the company to significantly improve its performance

the thermoplastic elastomer business of the company has developed steadily. TPV products continue to maintain the leading position in the industry, leading the development of the industry and realizing import substitution. In 2020, Buick gl6, the world's first Buick equipped with IMSS technology, will be mass produced. The dashboard skin of this car combines the thermoplastic elastic preparation technology of dawn and the injection molded soft skin (IMSS?) developed by Kraton Technology. In 2020, the company produced 19600 tons of thermoplastic elastomers, achieving an operating income of 426million yuan, an increase of 7.79% year-on-year

"the company has always focused on technological innovation and R & D, and enhanced product competitiveness through technological iteration and upgrading, which is also an important factor for the three major businesses of the company to maintain a good growth momentum." Wangyouqing told us that in 2020, the company will invest 180million yuan in R & D, establish projects for modified plastics, thermoplastic elastomers and color masterbatches, develop 480 new products, 153 new products and 523 new products without unnecessary damage

in the context of achieving high growth, dawn actively seized the opportunity of "carbon neutralization" and helped solve the problems of "black pollution" and "difficult recycling" in the traditional rubber industry through TPV layout; The new PBAT track will be overweight to help solve the "white pollution" and cultivate new growth points for the company

"as early as the brewing of the National Plastic restriction policy, the company has actively carried out the technology research and development and business layout of degradable plastics. At present, it has completed the accumulation of technology and products, and formed a series of product reserves, including fully degradable pla/pbat alloy modified series products, fully degradable pla/pbat+ starch alloy modified series modified materials, modified masterbatch products and low-carbon degraded products." Wangyouqing told that at present, some products have been industrialized, and degradable modified materials have obtained the EU TUV biodegradation certification; Downstream customer products (packaging bags) have obtained various certifications from EU, Japan and the United States, and are exported in small quantities

in the face of the demand and opportunities brought about by the plastic restriction order, in January this year, dawn Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation agreement with China Textile Research Institute Co., Ltd. and formally advanced into the upstream, which could lead to the degradation synthesis field with no obvious increase in paper price in 18 years. According to the agreement, it is planned to invest in the construction of 120000 T/a biodegradable resin (PBAT) project, of which the 60000 T/a continuous polymerization production unit of phase I project is undertaken by China Textile Institute, with a contract amount of 265million yuan

"as a leading enterprise in modified plastics, dawn has profound accumulation in technology, brand and customer resources. On this basis, the company will take the lead in the future degradable market competition by improving the upstream synthesis field and forming an integrated upstream and downstream industrial chain layout of biodegradable plastics." Industry insiders believe that as an enterprise that has simultaneously laid out "and the refabricator 3D printing material recycling system is one of the solutions to carry white pollution" and "black pollution", it is expected to benefit from the opportunity of "carbon neutralization" and continue to open the ceiling of future development

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