Last year, the shipbuilding scale and synthetic fi

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Last year, Korea ranked first in the world in terms of shipbuilding scale and synthetic fiber export.

the Korean Trade Association published the journal Republic of Korea in the World 2009 on the 22nd. It pointed out that Korean enterprises currently rank among the top in the world in many fields, including shipbuilding scale (2008), synthetic fiber export (2008) and MOS memory chips (Samsung Electronics, 2008) Terminals (Samsung Electronics, the first quarter of 2009) and semiconductor sales (Samsung Electronics, 20 at the same time, the export enterprises feel more and more pressure in 2008) rank second, electronic products production (2007) ranks fourth, automobile production (2008) and whisky import (2007) rank fifth, which should be approximately equal to 10% of the upper limit of measurement, etc. In terms of trade scale, the ROK ranked 11th among 199 countries in 2008 (12th in export and 10th in import)

it is reported that the Korea trade association will summarize the statistical data proposed by the government, international institutions, authoritative research institutions at home and abroad and the report at the end of each year, and issue the journal

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