How to save money by decorating the bedroom

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For the working class who are not very well funded, home decoration is not easy, and the bedroom is the decoration focus next to the living room. We should use the most economical method to create the best atmosphere for the master bedroom. It seems difficult to save money to decorate the functional room of bedroom, but in fact, whether it is a separate bedroom of small house type or the combination of bedroom + master bathroom + cloakroom in large house type, as long as it is cleverly designed, it can save money in local areas such as wardrobe and bay window, and some methods can even save a lot of space

the position of bedroom in people's life is well-known, so the furniture configuration, color matching, decoration and beautification effect, lighting selection and installation position in bedroom decoration are particularly important. According to individual age, the bedroom decoration style is also different, which can not be ignored

the key to saving money in the bedroom lies in the wardrobe and bay window. This is because the bedroom has relatively simple functions, few settings, and few furniture. Therefore, if you can't make an issue of the bed and bedside table, the wardrobe and bay window have relatively room to play

in addition, decorating your room by yourself is also an excellent method. You can completely change your room into a new look with a small amount of money. You can try any room

if you want to save money on decoration, the owner must do a good job in soft decoration, and soft decoration is easy to make the home look beautiful. Of course, the price of soft decoration is relatively cheap. It is understood that the most economical thing is that the owner can take the time to go to the major stores in the city to buy furniture and shop around. He must have made some gains

1. Skillfully use the wall to make clothes hangers

instead of using a piece of wood, use a corner of the bedroom and build another section of wall on the other side (the wall width should be 65 cm). Install two stainless steel pipes in the middle of the two parallel walls to make clothes hangers, together with a cloth curtain. In this way, the space surrounded by these three walls becomes a wardrobe

reasons for saving money: this method only needs to spend a few materials and labor costs required for building walls, as well as stainless steel, curtain and other costs. The total cost of a 2.5-meter-long cabinet is about 500 yuan

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