Create a good learning environment with silent doo

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Suifu window believes that the learning environment is very important for children, especially when studying at home. Having a quiet atmosphere helps to improve learning efficiency. Configure mute doors and windows, and only hear the writing sound of the pen tip on the paper

mute doors and windows, shield outdoor noise, and lock sound in their respective spaces. The outside whistle, insect call, and the chat with the family continue. But children who study in the study can only hear their own sound of reading, and they are in a quiet and comfortable learning state

silent doors and windows adopt multi cavity bridge broken aluminum structure and insulating glass design, which can greatly weaken the resonance effect of sound waves and block the transmission of sound. It can also effectively prevent the loss of energy and save energy

the air tightness and water tightness of silent doors and windows are closely related to the adhesive strip, which also determines the silent effect of doors and windows. Excellent sealing effect can be achieved by using rubber strips and wool tops with superior performance

when the components of silent doors and windows operate, their own strong structural design and functional coordination make it almost impossible to feel resistance and noise in the process of use, which is practical, smooth and safe

Suifu doors and windows think that the appearance design of silent doors and windows has an artistic sense. When opened, you can see the beautiful scenery outdoors, which is pleasing to the eye. Close the doors and windows, the noise dissipates gradually, and you can quickly enter the learning state. The two switch freely, and learning is not boring

use Suifu silent doors and windows To create a quiet and comfortable learning environment for children and better travel the ocean of knowledge




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