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In the continuous development of the sliding door industry, medium and high-end consumers have always been one of the main targets of their development, so as to create the differentiation of goods and the performance of putting the distance between shopping malls. However, is the medium and high-end consumer shopping malls that the company has always been keen on developing so well? To do a good job in medium and high-end shopping malls, we should first establish brand advantages, and require the company to carry out all aspects, so as to win the mall with strength

find the key point and do a good job in accumulation and deposition.

first of all, there must be a clear idea and prediction. As medium and high-end goods are not so easy to do, this is a long way, which requires the accumulation and deposition of the company itself. At this time, we need to calm down and grasp our own future. Industry insiders have analyzed that after many small and medium-sized sliding door enterprises' goods enter the mall, although they try their best to boast their own goods in various ways, consumers still stay away from them without having heard of them, and there is no way to recognize the value of medium and high-end goods. This opposition between company positioning and consumer identity directly leads to the difficulty of selling sliding door goods

create brand advantages to attract consumers

the biggest problem for sliding door enterprises to establish medium and high-end brands is how to interpret their own brand advantages and what carrier to naturally reveal this information to the policy consumer group. The high-end brands that move rich people to purchase immediately are able to satisfy consumers' desire for warmth and comfort; It is an advocate who agrees with consumers' noble living habits and methods; It is the poppy that enables consumers to fulfill their unfulfilled wishes in this life, and makes consumers intoxicated with their perfect happiness and unable to extricate themselves and wake up

all creation center competitiveness personalized service needs attention

sliding door for middle and high-end consumers, the key is to demand personalized service. If there is no personalized service, there is no central competitiveness. In fact, the mainstream in the collective of rich people is very tangled. They are superstitious in their hearts and worship Europe and the United States, but they will not admit it orally. Due to the lack of satisfying rights and grades, they are often damaged by fake foreign brands. Like the middle class, they lack a sense of security and have no stable values, so they can only trust the limited touch media and the narrow brotherhood with the same social status as the surrounding

the middle and high-end positioning of sliding door enterprises relies on the summarized strength of the company, including the harmonious progress of commodity quality, store image, company image, service and other aspects. Only by letting consumers bear commodities and winning consumers' love is the successful positioning




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