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Huang Guangyu, a representative of modern Chaozhou merchants, is a Chinese legend. From the listing of Gome in 1987, to the first domestic appliance business to use newspaper sewing to advertise, and then to win the title of China's richest man, Huang Guangyu realized the Chinese dream of starting from scratch from an embarrassed teenager, which made young people all over China take his experience as a blueprint for fighting at that time; In 2008, Huang Guangyu encountered ups and downs in his life. He was imprisoned with his wife, and then encountered the battle for Gome appliances. However, he showed his manhood in the eyes of the storm, and he was far sighted and strategized. He still controlled the fate of Gome in his own hands

the ups and downs of Huang Guangyu's life is the ups and downs of Gome. In prison for a few years, although Huang Guangyu still controls the overall situation of Gome, Gome has experienced frequent crises in recent years, especially today, when the entire electrical industry is facing major changes, Gome has lost the best spring for the development of e-commerce. With the repeated listing of and Alibaba, the e-commerce industry has reached the stage of rapid financing development. In the face of powerful competitors, if Huang Guangyu did not come out to control the overall situation and carry out in-depth integration of business advantages, Gome is likely to fail to achieve its previous prosperity in a short time

Kuba kitchen appliances and Gome appliances also have deep roots. When many people search for Kuba or Kuba kitchen appliances online, the first item on the promotion page is Gome online. In November, 2010, Gome purchased Kuba with 48million yuan, and officially entered e-commerce. Subsequently, as an e-commerce brand under Gome, Kuba network has been further developed. By 2012, Gome's e-commerce operation was in trouble. Gome began to integrate Gome mall and Kuba network, and fully realized the de Kuba in November 2013. Kuba network, as a former brand of Gome, began to die

the coincidence of Kuba kitchen appliances and Gome's former Kuba network brand is not only a coincidence, but also a fate. Therefore, Kuba kitchen appliances has been paying attention to when Huang Guangyu can return. Recently, the Internet spread the news that Huang Guangyu might be released early this year. The whole Gome system began to agitate, and Cooper kitchen appliances was also excited about it. Although it was just confirmed yesterday that the news of Huang Guangyu's early release from prison was untrue, the court did not receive any application, and Huang Guangyu was still serving his sentence, but his return is the general trend and is just around the corner

as a medium and high-end brand in China's integrated kitchen electrical industry, Kuba kitchen appliances is determined to build China's integrated modular open kitchen and completely solve the problem of kitchen lampblack. Relying on the strong advantages of Kuba brand, its integrated kitchen products are constantly establishing franchised stores across the country with the attitude of starting a prairie fire, just like the stores of Gome rising all over the country. Kuba integrated kitchen is bringing the concept of open kitchen into thousands of households




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