The era of reshuffle of overall wardrobe dealers i

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A few years ago, the overall wardrobe dealers were happy in the once "huge profits". However, in recent years, with the crazy expansion of overall wardrobe stores, a large number of overall wardrobe dealers have emerged, making the entire overall wardrobe industry enter a "new era". When the overall wardrobe industry is developing rapidly, it is also constantly "refreshing". A batch of dealers are about to fall, and the horn of crisis has sounded. How can the overall wardrobe dealers not be "eliminated" in the "reshuffle"? The era of big reshuffle has come. The large-scale expansion of the overall wardrobe store will lead to some dealers blindly following in. Under the influence of the new real estate policy, the growth of the overall wardrobe market has slowed down, and the growth rate of furniture stores exceeds the growth rate of the total demand for furniture. The overall wardrobe circulation field has entered an era of blind expansion and disorderly competition, which means that the overall wardrobe industry reshuffle has come. It is understood that some dealers have fallen in the "reshuffle" of the overall wardrobe industry and withdrew from the market. When the market situation is not very good, the middle and high-end overall wardrobe dealers have reduced their sales profits and fought a price war through various marketing activities, even fighting to the death. Worse, in order to transfer the financial pressure of the expansion of the store, the overall wardrobe store has continuously increased the rent of the store, bringing to an end some of the struggling overall wardrobe dealers. The once thriving and acclaimed overall wardrobe market is now full of smoke and fierce competition. Some dealers are under siege, and some are even coming to an end. Dealers are so vulnerable in the face of market competition, mainly because the overall wardrobe market is disordered, the good and bad are intermingled, the entry threshold is low, and the degree of standardization is not enough. When the industry reshuffle is coming, some weak dealers are bound to become victims of the waves. Usually, these dealers have some reasons, such as unreasonable market positioning, poor marketing work, unreasonable product style positioning, poor customer service satisfaction, narrow interpersonal network, relatively single sales channels, inadequate management, poor financing channels, etc. It has been six years of ups and downs for Aolong Weigao's overall wardrobe. Facing the arrival of the era of major reshuffle, Aolong Weigao's dealers do not need to be too nervous about the arrival of the major reshuffle. As Aolong Weigao's overall wardrobe, it has a successful franchise store operation mode, and its product positioning also fully conforms to the consumption level of people in third and fourth tier cities, making the franchise store operation easier





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