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In October, 2014, in October, 2014, when the whole country was celebrating, Sanshan floor gave a big gift to consumers across the country to celebrate the happy birthday of the motherland, "65th anniversary birthday, 65 yuan square meters, gift to celebrate the National Day!" Theme promotional activities have been launched nationwide

in November 2014, in this cold winter, it was cold, and Sanshan floor sent the warmest greetings and blessings to customers. In order to give back the support and love of new and old customers, Sanshan floor hereby held a large-scale promotional activity of "2014 national tour Thanksgiving feedback" to send care and warmth to customers. This activity has received great attention from Sanshan flooring. The company has quickly conveyed the information of this activity to customers through online publicity, distribution of publicity posters and other means. In addition, the prizes of the activity are also extremely rich. As long as you buy Sanshan flooring, you can have the opportunity to get the brand refrigerator, brand washing machine or brand microwave oven presented by Sanshan flooring

in December 2014, Sanshan flooring "at the end of the year, buy one square meter and get one square meter free, and the price will be reduced to the end!" At the end of the year, the impulse large-scale promotional activities officially kicked off. Sanshan flooring has been committed to building a healthy floor with ultra-high cost performance in the flooring industry. In the wave of advocating health and green, it launched the last round of impulse discount activities at the end of the year, bringing benefits to thousands of households

thanks to the professional level and responsible attitude of Sanshan flooring team, all kinds of large-scale national campaigns launched by Sanshan flooring in 2014 have received enthusiastic responses from dealers all over the country. After the event, dealers all over the country sent good news reports that during the event, there were a large number of passengers, and an endless stream of consumers consulted and placed orders. All of them show the great situation of manufacturers and dealers working together. After 16 years of enterprise development, Sanshan flooring has accumulated profound enterprise strength and brand influence, providing a strong backup for dealers all over the country! With the strength of the manufacturer and the popularity of the brand, plus the professionalism and responsible attitude of Sanshan team, as well as the marketing method that can seize the opportunity, it is not a problem for dealers to reap a lot

in order to spread Sanshan flooring to thousands of households, Sanshan wood industry has been working hard for 16 years. We have been working together with dealers, fighting side by side and growing together! The investment success of dealers across the country has also witnessed the transformation of Sanshan flooring from "green" to "mature", from miscellaneous brands to brands

I believe that in the next five years of planning, Sanshan flooring will rely on dealers and brand strength across the country to expand a broader consumer market and win more consumers' favor. At the same time, Sanshan flooring will continue to innovate and reform and develop better products on the premise of producing each piece of high-quality flooring

in 2015, Sanshan flooring will give back to those who support us with better products and services! In the future, I believe you can see a stronger and better Sanshan floor





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